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Saturday, September 19, 2009

The "Walrus Pug"

A strange discovery has been made. An individual walking along the sandy beaches of a quiet out of the way beach in BC, came across a strange sight. A large creature was lounging on the rocks by the shoreline. The individual, whom wishes to remain anonymous, was stunned by what they saw. "It was lounging in the sun on them there rocks over yonder and when it saw me it, snorted, launched itself into the water, and came wriggling right up onto the beach toward me." When we asked if the individual was frightened they replied "no, not once I realized that it was really only interested in sharing my sandwich with me. Once it had a couple of mouthfuls, which it begged intensely, it found a stick and wanted to play fetch. I wasn't about to go into the sea to play with it so then it turned around and disappeared back into the ocean and back to the rock over there." The creature is described as being a large walrus like mammal but the odd thing is the face was that of a pug! Apparently several people have now spotted the creature and it seems very friendly and tends to go up to people that are in possession of food items. The creature has been spotted hanging out with the group of local walrus' within the area. Of the people that have encountered it they describe it as "walrus like with the face of a pug and the personality very much like a pug. The first individual to spot it managed to capture it on film as they were taking beach pictures when they encountered the "walrus pug". The local town has named him "winston, the walrus pug".


  1. We are wondering if they will start to show up here on the east by us!

  2. Cute story! WInston, you are so much cuter than a walrus. My my, what bigs tusks you have!

  3. haha I read this from my phone and both pictures looked as if they were walrus!! Now I can see the difference... cute and funny!

  4. You are some much cuter than that walrus, Winston!!!



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