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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Contest Entry Time Extended.... and other Christmas stuffs....

Hello everypuggy and kitty!

We has an annoucement abouts our pug ornament giveaways!
Many peoples may not have decorations up yets. So..... the contest has been extended by a week.
Monday Dec 13 we will draw 2 winners from our hat.
Everyone who hasn't entered has until Sunday Dec 11 @ 11pm (pst) to let us knows if yous is entering.

Hurry.. gets your decorations ups and then post abouts it! Come ons.... you want a chance to enter the draw to wins one of two pug ornaments.... Don't yous?

Okays now onto our tree decorating and pawkings

We puts up our tree!

Taa Daah!

Tika helps Mum put decorations on the tree.

Santa is at the tops!

Then this goes right under Santa!

This goes at the bottoms so I can sniff and see its!
My favourite special stocking ornament..... from somepug specials (Tuni-Woons)!

Kizzy inspects the completed tree, she is our official tree inspector.

Looks Mum brought outs my Christmas chew toy from storage!

Close ups of my toy.... The squeaker still works inside!!!!
Mum says cuz it comes out at Christmas time only!

I pose in front of the tree with my Christmas Reindeer toy.

Onto the pawkings.... there they ares!

one for each of us plus an extra one for Dickens (he is spending Christmas with us).
(The blue one on tops is in memory of a kitty that Mum hads long before us 3 came alongs.)

Guess which one is mine!

Wreath is on the door.
This is actually a candle holder that Mum hads when she was a little pup!
It is very olds and Mum likes to hang it on our doors now.

Kizzy and Tika helps Mum figure outs where to puts the LED flashing snowman
(Mum gots it at Canadian Tire)

Our Christmas Calendar.
Mum gots it from Avon years ago.

Each day has a picture ornament you place on the tree.
Only 20 more sleeps!!!!!

That is its! Now while you alls get your furry butts in gear and start decoratings I will leave yous with pictures of ME chewing my bully stick Tuni gaves me.

Nom Nom Nom

Oh this is super goods
Nom Nom

See this?
This is coming in January!

It will be another contest giveaways in the New Year.

Keep your eyes on my our mes,  you won't want to miss this!!

Winston Wilburs and the girls!


  1. Wooo Hoo! Extra time! I am in the process of putting up my Christmas decorations -- yeah, it's a process alright! The living room has boxes and bags and tissue paper wrappings and it looks like Christmas has exploded! It will get organized and I'll let you know when I put up a post! (goes to dig camera out of suitcase -- yeah, already packing to go see family for Christmas, oops!) I think your tree looks fabulous! And you look marvelous posing in front of it with your Christmas stuffy!

  2. An extention,, that sounds awsome....
    we better get with the nitty gritty!
    How can we pass this up?
    Look at all the fun happening at YOUR house.
    All those stockings are so cute. And Tika and Kizzy seem mezmirized by the beauty of that special ornament.
    Winston your so lucky to have this chewy stick that Tuni gave you,,, YUM YUM
    Your tree is splendorious
    thank you for the extention

  3. Oh we just loves yous decorations!! So prettys!! 'da contest is super cool and we's entered!! Now we's excited 'bout 'dat book in Jan!! Mommy calls us piggy's!!

    Great job helping outs to every kitty and to Winstons. And don't worry Winston.. we knew which one yous stockin' was.. hee hees..

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  4. Anonymous05:20

    Hi guys and gals, Sorry we haven't visited more often but it's crazy at our house! Your decorations are super and you're very lucky to have a tree! We're too naughty to get a tree. . .

    Please enter us in the ornament giveaway too, and have a great week!

  5. My mom is decorating today and we are entering, fellow Canadians! (My mama said I am actually an American pug, since I was born in Mississippi and we live in Louisiana... but we're gonna try for dual citizenship!)

    xoxox Percy

  6. Winston oh Mom just finished with our holiday card pictures and then I logged on and saw yous next to your tree awww cutes. I told mom she needs to get a special print of me in my dress for yous this year.


  7. Your decorations look so great!

  8. Ok, whew! I made it! Decorations are up! Bloggy post about it is done! So does this get me entered in your ornamenty contest? *offers cookies* :)

  9. Good call Winston on the extension! The more the merrier in this competition. Wesa love your reindeer stuffy and the lighted snowmans.
    Much luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  10. We just found your blog and are very excited to hear about the extension. The only decorating that we have got a chance to do was put on our Mr. & Mrs. Klaus outfits. Mommy says we are getting our tree this weekend so we will sure to help out then :)

    Maddy and Owen

  11. Hi Winston!

    You look so sexy posing next to your tree
    and decorations! We are excited for your contest!
    We can't wait!

    -Dana & Daisy

  12. You are so ahead of us. Adorable decorations. Love the stuffed reindeer. Well not sure if our tree will get up in time, but we will enjoy looking at the pictures of the ones that do have them posted.

  13. We have put our Christmas tree up! Go on over to our blog and check out our pictures :)
    Maddy and Owen


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