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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's talk beds

Well, before we do anythings else we just needs to remind yous that Monday is the deadline to sign ups for the Valentine Card Exchange. So far there is 18 pawticipants. 

Now onto today's topic.
Beds with a bit of snowfall warning.
A few weeks ago Mum woke up one morning and decided enough was enough!
The bickering over our one sock monkey bed must stops!

She called my Auntie J and they drove to their halfway meeting point,
hopped into one car and headed across the border.

Mum went down to Bellingham to gets another bed from Walgreens.

Mum found outs that the popular sock monkey bed was a one time thing and that they won't gets anymore in. Mum found the snoopy bed and matching chew toy so that pleased her just fines.

On the way homes a snowfall warning hits and Mum and Auntie J had to drives in this....
(Thank pugness they DID NOT drive in Mum's Miata, down to Walgreens!)

They gots home safely and I was at the door to greet thems.

The next day we had to drives back out to the Fraser Valley where Mum had left her car
(the halfway meeting place).

We had to get all the snows off the car!

I waited inside with the heater on while Mum scraped the car.

The end result was that although Mum risked her life travelling in that snows, we now gots another bed!!!!

As you can see here in this photo, the girls luv the beds.
Each bed has a matching stuffie to go withs it,
can you see the monkey and snoopy toy?

Mum can now sleep soundly at night without bickering cats waking her ups.
I have resigned to the fact that those beds are now CAT beds only.

Kizzy and Tika says that I don't understands the concept of the "monkey and snoopy beds".
They tell me.... "the beds aren't blankets.... you sleep in them not under them"!

I now leave you with pictures from our latest pug meet in the Washingmachines State.
Sequoia didn't attend, she had to stay homes with her Dad and watch footballs.
That was oks, it gave Tuni and I some alone times.

(she wore this outfit just for me!)

Aren't we a cutes couple!

Winston Wilburs


  1. OMD!!! 'dat last pho-toe of yous and Tuni is just the cutest evfur!!

    Momma was chucklin' a little 'cuz Tuni is a little peanut!!
    You two are just too adorables!!

    We are so happy yous kitty siblings got snoopy beds and we's smiling at 'da mr. socky monkey!!

    Ours has been peed in... washed a few times..
    butt is still holding strong.. hee hee

    We's exciting for the v-day exchange!!

    Anakin's was watching football too!!

    'da Josie

  2. The girls look happy with their beds. Winston Sequoia wants you to know sometimes its ok to snuggle under a bed. We are so happy to hear your foot is feeling betters too. We look great in the photo Winsotn~!


  3. I asked mom for a Snoopy bed, but she said a cuss word back at me and said that 3 dog beds AND their Big Cloud Bed are ENOUGH! Sheesh!

    Those pics of you and your Tuni are ADORABLE!!!!

    O M G! Your mom drives a MIATA!!???!!??? My mom is TOOOOTALLY jealous...that's her ultimate fantasy car from way back when. The kick in the head is now that she's all grown up and can pay for one, it's not even practical because she's always schleping my human brother and his buddies places and there would be NO room! (sigh). Maybe someday!


  4. UGH we are looking for the sock monkey bed too... I guess we are going to have to turn to Ebay...

  5. Thank goodness for your new bed!

    You and Tuni are just so darn cute, Mommy wants to squeeze you!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

    P.S. We're excited for the Valentine's exchange. Mommy's been working our card!

  6. I'm glad the kitties now each have their own bed. Too bad the cats took over your sock monkey really is cute and you'd look a lot better in it than a kitty!

  7. Anonymous01:24

    Winston, Winston, Winston.....
    Don''t you know dude? EVERYTHING belongs to cats and that includes DOG beds!!! But you're very nice not to complain about it.
    Pee Ess - Momma made that 'awwww' noise over your photo w/Tuni.

  8. I am happy for your mom so she does not have to listen to cats fights anymore- screaming about beds.
    Winston.. if you and Tuni were any cuter- I do not know what I would do! You two make my heart sing


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