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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Toast to Tap Water - The Green Stubby Report

Welcome to this month's edition of The Green Stubby Report.
 Today we talks about Water.
You knows that clear, calorie free, fresh cold tastes of  Tap Water.

Yes, I did say "Tap Water".

Mum was reading the local community newspaper called

and saw an article abouts this....

Students at a Burnaby high school have started a campaign to stop the sale of bottle waters in their school.

If you click heres, you can read more abouts this short article.

Anyways this gots Mum thinkings, when she saw the photo in the paper.....
(Stubby would be horrified, as was Mum!)

Looks at all those empty bottles!

The questions here is.....
Do we really needs to buy bottled water?

Looks at the waste it produces!
What abouts the impact it has on the environment to manufacture bottled water?

You see those labels on the bottles?
Well.....  Mum knows all abouts labels.
She works in the label printing industry.
You would not believes the effect that printing a label has on our environment!!!
Bet no one thinks of that!
We only focus on the empty plastic bottles!

What happened to good ol' Tap Water?

Mum says......
"We are more fortunate than many, many other peoples.
We have fresh clean drinking waters".

So whats do North Americans do?
BUY BOTTLED water instead!!!!!!!!

Mum says....... Not us! No way!

Here is pictures of our water from the TAP!

Kizzy and Tika prefer their Tap Water from an elegant crown shaped bowl

Me on the other paw....

I go for my Tap Water in a more masculine style, metal water dish

Mum's choice is of the clear glass variety

There is times when we are out and about.... 
for examples, Pug Meet.

You can't bring the sink and tap alongs with yous so.....
Mum brings the water alongs in our reusables water bottle.

(we have 3 bottles, but this is Mum's fav!
She gots it from Karmavore the vegan store)

So the next times yous is feeling a little "parched" in the throat,
reach for the Tap and turns it on.

Let's keep it Green Peeps & Pets

This concludes this months Green Stubby Report.

Winston Wilbur


  1. OMP this is so Mom forgot her water bottle when she left for work. She got to work and was in now way going to by a bottle that way. And she didn't! We perfer our water in Tuni's metal dish. Sequoia has a ceramice dish but only drinks from it in the morning after she eats. Strange little pugger.

    Good job on the Green Stubby report!

    Tuni (and I guess Sequoia...whatevers)

  2. Great Green Stubby Report Winston!!!
    Unfortunatly we are not supposed to drink the Tap Water over here in TJ, but La Mamma has two reusables Metal Water cointaner where she put's her and Dad Water's For the day. And we recycle all our plastic to our local Church.
    Spongy & Licky

  3. Great Green Stubby Report Winston!!!
    Unfortunatly we are not supposed to drink the Tap Water over here in TJ, but La Mamma has two reusables Metal Water cointaner where she put's her and Dad Water's For the day. And we recycle all our plastic to our local Church.
    Spongy & Licky

  4. We love this report! Mom (and Dad) have been saying for years how dumb it is to but bottled water. Such a waste of resources and money, money that could be spent on toys and treats for US!
    It's soooo true that most of North America has perfectly good water from the tap, and so many peoples just don't get it. Good for those little humans for trying to get the grown up ones to smarten up, too.

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang (your fellow canuckians)

  5. Hi Winston!
    What a great report! Thanks for spreading the news. We drink tap water too, out of our brita filter. And reusable bottles for the road.
    P.S. We got our parcel in the mail yesterday - thank you SO much. You are so sweet!!

  6. Yous guys is right! The citys and towns treat their water and it can be better than water in bottles. Besides who knows how long that water has been in the bottle. Me likes mine fresh right out of the tap!
    Thanks for writing about this!

  7. Winston, this was such a great and informative report! Thank you so much!!!

    I wanted to tell you that my package arrived but momma has been making me wait to open it. Tonight is the night! I can't wait!!


  8. What a great lesson and reminder of another of our duties to be a guest on this great earth!

    We drink out of fancy doggie bowls, too!


    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. Anonymous12:51

    Where we live the tap water tends to taste icky in the summer. We have a big Britta filter jug that lives in the fridge adn it gets rid any ickiness. the humans have reusable water bottles for when they go to the gym. I even have a reusable bottle/water dish for my summer walks.

    I got your treats in the mail on Friday. Unfortunately the humans ate all the chocolate before a picture could be taken. They would like you to know the chocolate was very, very yummy and thank you for them.

  10. Excellent post Winston. You are right, we don't really even know about all those labels and what they do in addition to the plastic bottles. Thank you Winston!

  11. Winston
    This is such a great report.
    We have spring water,,, it comes from the ground..
    We have a filter on our faucet and also a Brita pitcher with filter.
    In our areas the water can have odd tastes because that is the way Mother Earth makes our water,,, so we use a filter to make it more wonderful.

  12. Great Post. In Ireland the tap water is very clean as most of it comes from local springs.
    Now that I think about it almost everyone we know drinks tap water over bottled water.
    Bottled water over here has salt added (dont ask why) so a lot of people actually prefer the taste of tap water.

    Oisín x

  13. hi winston!
    what a fabulous green stubby report!
    You make the best chocolate chip cookie!
    i love that last photo of you!


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