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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Up Close and Personal

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.
The other day while helping Mum in the garden, she snapped this close ups of me.

Looks at my grey face.
OMP I am totally going greys. I means I knows I am 10 1/2 but really!!!
I thinks I need some Miss Clairol or somethings!

On another note...
My friend Asha is staying with me til Friday.
Mum couldn't gets either one of us outta bed yesterday mornings!

Asha, all tucked ins.

Me all stretched outs
I told Mum it is cuz we were up most of the nights tossing and turnings.

The room was smok'in hots Mum! It was so hards to sleeps!

Mum saids "yah I know Winston, you two kept me up all night!"

Stay cool my friends

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Winston Wilbur


  1. Hi Winston
    I love the close up of your sweet face.
    I think your face is gray because it has had so many kissys.
    That is why it is gray!
    You have had lots of love!
    I bet your mom kisses you so many times a day!
    I know you and Asha will have lots of fun playing and stuff.
    I do hope it cools down a little so you two can get some sleeps
    Yes,,,!!! I remember July 17!!

  2. Winston, I think you look distinguished with the grey. Don't change a thing! Have fun with Asha.

  3. Hi Winston. You might be getting older (aren't we all), but you've still got "it." :-)

    Have fun with Asha and say hi to Tika and Kizzy. We think it's too bad they can't tussle without pulling out fur--that's not good!

  4. Mum freaks out about Tubby and Pings greys too, and Norbert's formely tan eye patch is going white. Your grey looks sophisticated though, you are a silver fox!

    urban hounds

  5. hi winston!

    we LOVE grey whiskers!

    they look fabulous on you!

  6. Maybe you need some Just For Men. However, I have heard that it's fine for boys to sport some grey hair. I've been doing it since I was born!


  7. Winston, I think your wisdom hair is very handsome. My Daddy has a lot of greys in his mustache and I have some on my chinny chin chin ~ he thinks there should be a hair color called Just for Pugs. I say, its beautiful!

    Scarlet (& Meredith)

  8. Winston we know how ya feel...we had 3 fans going last night. Mom put the chillow pillow out but we didnt use it...she says she is gonna use it then. Asha looks super comfy!

    The Girls

  9. Awww you two are so cute!


  10. I agree with Payton's Mom! You look very distinguished. I'll admit something Winston. I hope it makes you feel better. My eyelashes have turned white!!!! I have decided I look very fashion forward, kinda British Mod!

  11. Pug sleepover!
    Don't worry about the grays. We've been going gray since we were puppies, and we just turned 5. You are a handsome pug, gray whiskers or not.

  12. Winston, your gray face is very adorable and handsome!


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