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Friday, August 31, 2012

Knock Knock... who's there?

Hi everypuggy,

earlier in the summer I heard a loud knocking noise.

*tap tap tap tap tap*

"Who is it?"

What is that knockings?

Mum looked outs the window and saids...
"Winston, it is the Pileated Woodpecker again!"

That is who it is!
Mum grabbed the camera and tooks some pictures from the bedroom window.

He comes around once in a whiles knocking on the trees and our chimney!

I am trying to sleep over here!
When he knocks it sure is louds! It even wakes up Kizzy!

I thinks we need some earplugs!

Winston Wilburs


  1. Oh Winston
    I love that you woodpecker comes to see you sometimes! He must be tapping a song to you!
    Yes, that is what he is doing! Do you think so too?
    What a sweet friend to come check up on you.
    He is beautiful and your mom got some nice pictures of him. Wowee!

  2. Hi Winston!
    Knock, knock who's there is perfect! You had Mom laughing out loud.

    Hugs, Suki


  3. Ooooh a woodpecker, how exciting but they can be loud! Even though we lives in the big city we have a racoon that makes momma nervous though so she checks for him every morning before we go out

    urban hounds

  4. Woodpeckers are very cool. Maybe he is sending you a message in Morse Code!

  5. What a cool woodpecker, looks like a nice friend but a bit loud. We have a racoon that visits sometimes

    urban hounds

  6. Well I wouldn't let him in cos he could have some dreaded woodpecker disease and then you'll have to go to the vet and get vacinated or something like always tells me that stuff whenever i want to eat trash i find outside...i know it doesn't make any sense to me either...
    we feed the birds also..."mean ole cat dietzman" thinks we are doing that cos we love him....he is a sicko!
    stella rose

  7. Hello there Winston, I'm Adi, a vegetarian blogger and new follower of yours. That is so cool how you get visits from a woodpecker! I live in an apartment so the most bird watching I get to see are pigeons. You are a very adorable and handsome pug, and even though I don't have a pug friend of my own, I must admit that pugs are my favorite dogs. :)

  8. Oh wow, now that is one cool ... but loud garden visitor! We have woodpeckers by us and when we walk through the woods we can hear them knocking! It looks like he is having fun, I'm sure Kizzy must have been annoyed to be woken up but no chasing that bird or Kizzy will end up Dizzy! Love your Furiend Frank XxxxX


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