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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dickens takes a holiday...... At my house!

My pug pal Dickens came to stay with us for 5 days while his Dad went to Toronto. Here are pictures from his visit. I really enjoyed having him here, I luvs him, he is my bestest pal (Tuni don't worry, I still luvs you and think yous is super cutes) . My mum misses him since he left, she loved having two pugs snuggled on the bed at night!

Dickens snuggled under a towel. Look at the size of the leaf we found on our walk that morning.

Picture of the trail at Sasamat Lake where we went for a walk.

Dad and us

Sniffing around

Dickens on the lookout

Me on the path

Mum can't tell if this is me or Dickens on the boardwalk.

Wow what a nice view of the lake!

Car Ride! I am the one with the blue vest harness.

Mum says this is one of her favs of me. Dickens arrived with his pillow but I liked using his pillow at night while he always leaned on Mum's leg.

Dickens sleeping on Mum.

I was a good puggie and shared my toys. Dickens is playing with my doggie.



Waiting for supper

Mum would wake up in the morning to find us like this! I luvs my pug pal.

Me in the car taking Dickens home.

Me and Dickens in the car. A bit of a tight squeeze as Mum has a two seater convertible.
This is the last picture before we dropped Dickens at home.

Thanks Dickens for coming to stay..... we had loads of fun!


  1. I'm so glad you had a good time with Dickens! Those pictures of the lake and the forest are wonderful! You are a lucky puggie to have such good friends and good parents to take you places together!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time playing with Dickens. We always like sleepovers with our furiends too! What a good Pug you were sharing with your furiend.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  3. Winston, You are a great host - I think we would all like to stay at your house. Also, that leaf you found is pawsome!

  4. Oh Winstons, I know you are my bestest boyfriends don't worry. Its nice you have a best pug pal to play with, alls I got is my stinky sister Sequoia! Pug hugs!!!


  5. Winston; How nice to have your pal Dickens over for while his Daddy went on a trip. What a lovely walk you went on. Tell your Mum to get you a brother or sister pug of your own so you always have a cuddle buddy. You can be partners in crime

  6. Winston
    I want to come visit you. I want to go all those places that you and Dickens went to.
    I know you had such a good time with Dickens- you can have a good time with me too.

  7. Anonymous09:20

    It looks like you had tons of fun playing with Dickens! :)


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