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Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Turn to "Paw it Forward"

Hi all my fellow bloggers. Well mum has finally allowed me to post my "paw it forward" (something about saving up for it... PayDay!) Anyway we really liked the way Lilo did her "charity paw it forward" so we have decided to follow a similar concept.
For the next week we encourage all bloggers to post a comment (aka "blog bark") on this post. In doing so I will donate $1 Canadian dollar for every comment posted toward a charitable organization that is animal related. Please list a charitable organization (animal related ie: pug rescue, SPCA, WWF etc.) of your choice and list it in your comment. I will then take the names of everyone who listed a charitable organization and my mum will draw one name from a hat and that person's chosen charitable organization will receive the donation. Anyone can post a comment even if you don't list a charitable organization. The more the comments the more money will be donated to the winner's choice. The charitable organization can be Canadian or American. Spread the word!


  1. This is pawsome! We think our Momma should do this too. She usually just gives to MAPR but we wanted to leave a comment for Seattle Pug Rescue, they always seem to take in very needy pugs. Thanks for you helps!!!

    Sequoia and Petunia

    Pee S
    Is that snow behind you? Alreadys, wow!

  2. Hi - This is a great idea - I would like to name Curly Tail Pug Rescue in NYC - they have a lot of puggies for adoption and can always use assistance. Thanks!!

  3. What a pawsome idea! Ohio Pug Rescue for us.

  4. What a great Paw it Forward!!! If you don't mind we would love to put a link to your post up on our blog =) We would like to nominate Kentuckia Pug Rescue!!

    Thank you so much for a great Paw it Forward!!


  5. We would like to nominate Seattle Pug Rescue. We do not have one in our town,

  6. My sister-pug (the Foo) came from NIPRA (No.IL Pug Rescue) and we want nominate them for PIF. Great idea!

    Gen & the Foo

  7. What a great contest, Winston! That is so nice of you! I nominate Homeward Bound Pug Rescue, here in Oklahoma.


  8. Winston, this is such a nice thing you's doing! I wants to nominate Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption. They put me and my Mom together and they helps lots of pugs who need good homes.

  9. Anonymous12:37

    That is awesome!!
    I vote for whomever gets choosen lol

  10. Greyt idea! I'd like to nominate Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption, that's where I came from!


  11. Hi Winston! That is so nice of you! I would like to nominate our local pug rescue: Compasionate Pug Rescue (South Florida). i am not a rescue, I am a pet store (probably from a puppy mill) doggy but mom really admires all the work and help people in doggy rescues do.

  12. Hello, Winston, buddy! This here is Hank. Me an' my sister, Molly O'Mally, are Kentuckiana Pug Rescue alumni. We vote fer KPR, but will be glad tuh see the money go tuh ANY rescue!

  13. What a grrrrreat Paw It Furward!

    That truly is the bestest way to do this!

    PeeEssWoo: My choice is The Last Resort Rescue in New Jersey

  14. We are in here, you just missed us with so many responses. Good for the Paw It Forward though.

  15. Hi Winston. Lilo sent us over. We think this is a great idea!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  16. Oh Winston! We think this is a great idea! We would like to vote for Homeward Bound pug rescue of Oklahoma. They are doing some really great things for should read sweetie pie's story.

  17. Super idea! Caught your blog from Lilo....our choice Green Mountain Pug Rescue!

  18. Hi Winston!

    Although I am a Frechie, I have become sort of an honorary pug due to all our pug blogging buddiess, so we have a lot of friends in common. I think what you are doing is just fantasitic! Our favorite charity is FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network), so throw that one into the hat when you draw a winner for your donation :)

    Brutus the Frenchie

  19. hi winston!

    oh this is so wonderful and generous!

    please dontae our $ to any organization that you like. :)

    m & e

  20. Wow, what a great thing you are doing! I don't really know a good rescue organization ('specially since I'm still trying to find a little puggie of my very own), but I wanted to post just the same! :)

  21. Hello Winston, its your lady caller Tuni here. I just wanted send a little thank you not for your cute comment todays on my blog. I think you are such a gentleman and super cutes! Sending you pug hugs,


  22. We love your strong spirit and big heart. What a wonderful idea. I can't pick just one charity, can I donate a hundred pennies to a hundred pug rescues? ;) Please donate to your choice!

  23. Hi Winston, we think this is a great idea. Lilo told us about your PIF. We know that you will find the perfect rescue to donate your gift to.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  24. Im from Ireland so I dont know any Pug organisation! Soz! But just thought Id let ya knw dat your pug is lush! :)

    Manda x

  25. Hi there Winston,
    It is nice to meet you! My brother Chewy and I are fellow Canadian pugs! I read about your Pay-it-forward on Lilo's blog. If you draw my name, please make the donation to your favourite pug rescue, or to the most popular one selected in the comments. Is that ok? :) Thanks for being so wonderful!

  26. Oh, this is such a nice thing to do. If I win...I'd like it to go to Southeast Pug Rescue. That's where our little Emma came from!


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