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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Garden

Hi everyones, Kizzy here. Well here is our delayed Feline Edition. We actually spent 2 days in the garden instead of just Sunday. Here is what we dids.

On Sunday my grandpawrent granny came over and helped us prep the garden for summers. Of course Tika and I helped like we do every year. We have lots of pictures. We guided Mum and Granny on where to place things and what to trim downs. We were so tired after Sunday afternoon but on Monday we had a couple of more things to do so we gots out there and helped Mum with them. Now the garden is ready for us to bring outs the decorations and solar lights that are in the storage.

So here is everythings Mum gots from the garden centre. We got everything outs and just dug in. Get it "dug in"!

First I directed Mum on what to trim in the herb garden. This section was pretty much ok except for some out of controls lemon mint.

Next I told Mum this section needed works. We had to plant some shade plants in the corner and we needed to stake the Peonies.

We tackled the section behind the bench. This is Tika's favourite spot and Mum and I wanted to redesign it slightly and add some pink flowers. Here I am helping plant the pink flowers.

Tada! here it is. Tika loved what we dids. We even planted that white Daisy for her. It is likes her middle name.... Daisy!

Granny tooks care of this section. See all the impatients. We gots lots of them this year.

Here are pictures taken from Sunday evening. After most of our works.
Um this ones a little blurry!

Here is our pond!

This is where Mum sits and grooms us. You will see in a minute..... more photos coming ups.

A few days agos Mum and I did some rearranging of the water barrels. We tooks the small one from this section and mades a fountain out of it and placed it on the steps. We left the big one here and we are going to puts fish in it next weekend!!!!

Tada! cool huh? Granny sure liked this and so did Dad.

Mum and I mades this hanging planter from scratch! and looks at our roses. We had one already but Mum gots another one.

Hey.... who is that beige guy looking over his shoulder? MOL!

Tika hopped the fence to gets a view from higher ups. She also looked at the neighbours yard to steal some ideas but they have no garden.

Mum and I still needs to get the ladder and trim the Ivy backs. We have to really control this plant as it is not a native plant to this environment and can spread fasts. We have to really be on our toes through out the summers to monitor this plant all the times.

Tika inspects and is very satisfied with her little garden patch.

Mum said we had to include Winston but he did nothing but bring out toys and want to plays!!!!!!

We did some groomings on Monday after our works. Mum says I am a bits odd that I luvs to roll arounds in Winstons furs!

See this is where Mum grooms us on nice days. Winston thinks I weirds too!

I helps Mum puts away the rope. We had to do emergency roping to the Lilac Tree. I will let WInston tells you abouts it in a different post since he helped with this ones a few days ago. It was pretty weird but the tree was tipping overs.

Tika does one last walk around to inspect the works.

Yup, all is good and we can now bring outs the decorations. We are super happys with the works. This is one of our favourite spots..... the catnip herb. Mum says if I don't stop rolling on it, it will never get a chance to grow bigs.  That is ok we have another 3 of them growing elsewhere!

Tah Tah for nows.


  1. That is a lot of work! It looks wonderful. Betty would just trash our yard if it looked like that. We're hoping in a couple more years she'll mellow out.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. You guys got a lot of stuff done!!! Great job on the yard!! Can't wait to see pictures when it all gets to full bloom!!!



  3. hi T, K & W!
    what a beautiful garden you have!
    we love everything your mum did!
    just beautiful!
    m & e

  4. Anonymous16:48

    Wow Kizzy, you did a LOT of gardening! And it all looks beautiful. We can't wait to see your fishies! We have some too, but we keep forgetting we have them and then get surprised when we walk by the pond and there are FISH! Momma thinks this is funny. . . .

  5. Hey there Girls! You two have such a great garden! So many neat things. And oh my...walking on top of the fence scared me.

    I don't know about rolling in Winstons fur but I thinks you were eating it thats weird. Tuni will eats her own fur but you eating someone else :)


  6. Oh's Kizzy and Tika!!
    This is absolutley beautifuls!!! Your garden is sooooo pretty's!! We wishes we's were 'deres to plays in 'deres wits yous and Winstons!
    You little Kittys worked so hard and did a wonderful jobs!! Your Mum must be prouds!
    We's like the photo of the "beige guy" in the doors BOL.
    We really enjoyed you garden photos...please takes us ons another trip soon!!
    Izzy and Josie and Anakin Man

  7. So much prettyness
    So much tidiness
    I love your beautiful flowers and rearranging and moving stuff and organizing, and inspecting and making everything so beautifuls.
    Now are you exhaugsted, even though you had so much help?
    What fun for all of you my cutie friends

  8. Oh my goodness, your garden is beautiful and so serene! I love all the rock accents. You are lucky to have such a lovely place to play in.

  9. I love your garden!
    Kizzy, Tika and Winston look like
    they really love it too!

    I hope you have a great weekend!



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