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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Um.... let's just say..... Lots of Stuff, hope you got time!

The Mum here today. Lots to recap, and I mean LOTS! so I will do the post in order to prevent arguing over who gets to say what. I will show lots of photos and keep the stories to a "reader's digest" length so as not to overwhelm with lots of reading.

Hope you have a few minutes here.

First of all we I had such a hectic week that we are just catching up on everyone's post.

Anakin sent his mum into a bit of a scare with chicken bones. Glad to see he is doing better.

Pearl is battling spiders and tornados, stay safe little girl, stay safe.

Walter and Heather are back home and Walter is taking more correct steps on his bad leg. YEAH!

We missed Stubby's birthday, happy belated!

Melissa and Emmitt did a post with pictures of us in it.

Wilma and gang visited their new vet and posted about it.

Sequoia and Tuni had costumes made and attended Pugapalozza

We missed so much! There was lots more to list, but I need to keep this short due to tons of content today.

Feline Fridays

This royal girl is now home after her 6 day stay at the "kitty spa". She was a very good girl and the clinic staff luved her. Said she was so tidy and clean which made me laugh because next to Tika, Kizzy is a slob!

Kizzy is content to be at home again. She is on the mend and doing better. Lost a bit of weight but will gain that back over the next 4 weeks. She is less agitated, not as hungry all the time and almost back to her normal self.

Tika was glad to have Kizzy home. There were some incidents of hissing as Kizzy was gone for 6 days without any warning to Tika and now she comes home smelling "funny" (like vet smell).

Yup Tika appears to be more content now that things are sort of back to normal. Sort of, because we have a visitor staying with us....

Dickens arrived the evening that Kizzy got home. We went from a quiet house of two pets to a chaotic house of 4!

Dickens visits

Dickens was to stay just for the weekdays and go home on the Friday evening. (His mum works days and his dad is in Edmonton.) Unfortunately, Dickens didn't do too well at home without the companionship of Winston and with the absence of his Dad so.....

He came back to us Saturday afternoon and will stay until his Dad gets home, Sunday evening.

We have been luving having him here. Winston and him are inseparable. Here are some pics of his stay.

Here Dickens and Winston are in deep conversation. Dickens is explaining "Squirrel Chasing 101" as we drive to the park.

How nice it is to have two pugs lounging on the bed at night. Dickens fits right in like he has always lived here.

On the topic of "other pugs". The highlight last weekend was our trip to Seattle to the Seattle Pug Gala.
I am not sure who had more fun, me or Winston. Next year we are going to stay over night.

Pug Gala

We piled into the car and did the long drive down there. The border crossing was only 20 minutes because we went further out to a less popular crossing.

Here are the pics from the event.

In the car heading down.

The entrance

once inside there were tons of pugs, people and activities!

This is what I need for Winston and clipping his nails!

Who can resist taking a picture of a pug puppy!

Pug races

Winston makes many new friends!

I was totally thrilled to find a waterproof rain jacket that actually fit Winston!
In his 8 years I have never found one that fits.
This jacket is made by Unleashed Pet Wear. The lady owns bull dogs so the jackets fit Winston's frame perfectly!
Here is Winston posing in his new rain jacket. It has ducks on the inside pattern!
I am thinking about ordering a harness from her. The harnesses are fabulous.

I had to buy myself something.....

made by Golden Dog Images, she had tons of pug plates and mugs. I could have bought it all!!!

And here is the best part....

Take a close look. Recognize any one in the picture?
See him, the picture frame bottom leftish side?

We got to meet Melissa (Emmitt's momma)! And I ordered something from her. We will post about it when it arrives here.

Here is Melissa with Winston.
She is such a wonderful person. We were thrilled to finally meet in person.

Specially for Tuni

On the way home we stopped off here...
(this one is for Sequoia and Tuni)

I was dying for a cherry mocha frap (an addiction developed thanks to Lilo's mum! LOL) from Starbucks and Winston needed supper and whip creams!

He was very excited to visit the Burlington Petsmart. Tuni, he is very excited to show you he has visited Burlington.

Here he is outside of Petsmart. Most likely thinking of Tuni!

At the border back into Canada, the border guard was just in luv with Winston! She had us talking about dogs for a bit while we held up the line!

This is at the border on the way home. Look at how tired he is!

Seattle Dog park.
We stopped here after the Gala. It is a nice fenced in off leash area. Lots of fun for Winston.
The area where the Gala was is not far from Washington University. It is a gorgeous area.

Ok this last picture is of Winston on a picnic table. He surprised the heck out of me when he jumped onto the table to get his chuckit!!! He never does this. I just laughed! I swear Dickens must have taught him this one!

That's it for now.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Winston, your mom is the best for getting everyone caught up!

    Any buddy, we knew you were a big boy, but dayum! We didn't realize how big you were until we saw you posing next to Melissa. Your mom must love cuddling next to you. Speaking of which, maybe it's time your mom got you a buddy of your own considering how much you enjoyed having Dickens stay with you. :)

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. Holy blog! Ok lets say we are glad to see Kizzy home! Sequoia says hi to the girls.

    Second the pug gala was pawsome! And Tuni thinks WInston is so cutes in his new rain coats!

    Winston....Tuni here I cut Mom loose. You and Dickens look like best friends!

    And you stopped at my new home! How was the Petsmart? I am excited to visits its. Anyways better go...pug hugs cutie!


  3. Mama #2: My mom and I love pug-stuff. Is there any way to order that mug on-line? I can't wait to see what you got coming from Melissa...does she have an on-line store? In Kansas, we are sort of isolated...about the only rockin' place for our babies is PetsMart.

    The Slimmer Pugs
    -We donts like the rain either fact, we make mommies buy potty pads for rainy days...okay they buy them everyday for the more finicky pottiers and poopers...but we definentlys hate rains.
    Licks you Laters,
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, Mimi

  4. Anonymous02:02

    Wow! That has been a busy week!! We're super glad that Kizzy is home, and are sure she is too! We're sending her purrs.
    As for your company and are a social butterfly Winston! Looks like a fantastic time - with whip creams even!!

  5. You have been busy!!! So glad you got to go to Seattle and meet Melissa. She is such a sweetie!!! You look so handsome in your rain jacket!! The momma said she is going to have to check those out.



    PS: Lise, sorry about the dark cherry mocha obsession! I just had to share!!! =)

  6. Anonymous11:27

    Oh wow that is a huge blog recap!
    We were down in Seattle the same day too but i didn't even think about the pug meetup! Or else i would have totally stopped in! We went to the mariner's game and ended up having 3 hours to kill in seattle (plans fell through before the game).

    So glad that Kizzy is home and hopefully she is doing much better!

    It looks like you had a blast with Dickens.. does that mean your mommy is thinking of getting another pug? lol

  7. So much going on and so much fun to be had!

    So glad Kizzy is home!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  8. Oh Winston!! This is such a wonderful and well thoughtout bloggy your Mum did!

    First we wants to say, we are glad 'dats your kitty sister Kizzy is back from her spas!! We were so worried 'bouts her!

    We are so happy to see yous playing with your friend Dickens and your parents are so nice to babysits him!

    Love the Pictures of your trips to WA! They are great!! Love the Mug your Mum picked up and your new raincoats! HOW WONDERFUL you gots to met Melissa!! Her talents are amazing and although I's never met her face to face she is one of the nicest peoples I knows!!

    Glad you enjoyed your starbucks on the way backs and nice of yous to take photo for your dear Tuni and Anakins Sequoia!!

    Thanks for thinking of our brother and including him in you bloggy. He's doing much betters and is sleepy sleeps now.


  9. Wowee, you sure were busy! Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun. I love your new raincoat!!

  10. Wibston
    I am so sorry that I did not get to meet you and your family at the Pug Meetup.
    Melissa told me how beautifuls you are- and yes- I can see that.
    Your adorable.
    What a wonderful recap you did

  11. Hi Winston!

    I loved reading about your adventures!
    You have been super busy! I'm glad
    everyone is doing well, and you
    got to spend some time with your
    pal Dickens.

    The pug gala looked like a blast.
    How exciting you got to meet Melissa!
    I have to attend next year.

    I hope you are having a great week!


  12. hi winston!
    oh my gosh!
    meeting you and your momma was the highlight of our day!
    we are so happy we got to give you both hugs in person!
    what great photos your mom took of you, dickens and the kitties.

    it was so fun to get all caught up with you!

    m & e


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