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Monday, June 06, 2011

Crisis in the Veggie Garden

Hello everypuggy,

Winston heres.
Mum had a crisis in the veggie garden!!

Remember the nice plot we allocated for our veggies?
We did a Green Stubby report on how I helped plant the seedlings.

Well, Mum went outs about a week or two after we planted thems and I heard her shriek!

Well the veggie patch attracted these...

We then performed "operation relocate"

The carrots...... gone, totally eaten
The tomatoes..... gone, totally eaten
The beans..... rescued all but two and replanted in a planter
The peas.... rescued and replanted in a planter
Cucumbers..... rescued 4, lost 1 after the replant, they are barely hanging in!

On tops of that we have had really crumby weathers.
Temperatures below normal and 63% less sunlight than averge!

Mum was freaking outs!
I thinks she has it under control now.

2011 Garden Tour
I will now takes you on a tour of our garden.
This weekend was gorgeous and warms, finally!

The patio steps

This "welcome" planter is new this year.
Oh.... see the pug statue?

Garden plot on the patio
Notice my "pug at play" sign?

Beside the swing chair
See the planters on the fence top? That is the beans and peas.

Looking onto the garden from patio
(see the plants in the grass?
Mum's new tomato plants from the garden center!)

The back end of the garden

Back gate

 Mum's pond corner

Mum is super braggy abouts this section, her native plant section.
It is shade and very forest likes.
These are doing super goods this season.
They obviously don't mind the rain and cloud!

 The Pond
See our fake koi, bottom right?

The pond also serves are a huge water dish for us, neighour pets and wildlifes!

Back on the patio we have our Fish Barrel.

One of Mum's rose plants

The planter beside the rose
(Mum almost killed it!
Forgot to water it... then it totally wilted.
Mum says cuz the huge tree above blocks the rains)

Tah Dah.....
the rescued Peas, and looks they have flowered.
As I pointed outs in the earlier photo....
Mum has them on the patio fence in a planter up off the ground
(the beans are right beside thems)
Back in the garden....
The veggie patch has been converted intos a Lavender patch!
We have chives, fennel and echinachea in theres too.
Catnip Garden is to the front left of it.

Just before the lavender section is Mum's mini herb cup.
4 different herbs in heres and we use them for cookings

Our Columbine back in bloom.
We have had this for 8 years!
Close ups of lavender..
Do you sees the bee?

Tomatoes and cucumber are in the front of the house so Mum can keeps a close eye on thems.

Now I leaves you with some shots of our garden ornaments...

Mum luvs this one!

She likes this one too

From the Catnip Garden.....

Two cats and a dog!

So as the season progresses I will keeps you posted on how the rescued veggies are growings.

Oh gotta goes....
someone knocked on the door

Oh looks.... it is the Maxx Scoop car.... 
must be the free cat litter offer Mum signed up to gets.

Winston Wilbur


  1. This is a lovely garden!

  2. Wow, your garden looks beautiful! Even with the SLUG damage. See Winston, never trust a pest named Slug(go)!

    Mom loves all of your interesting plantings and ornaments. She would like to put in a water feature. Maybe my Monsieur LeFrog will move in over here!

  3. Hey Winston! What an awesome back yard you have! It's like going on an adventure...there's so many things to check out. How dare that slug eat your veggies! Glad your mum was able to save some of the plants.

  4. Anonymous07:06

    What a beautiful garden, such a perfectly tranquil getaway. I could spend an entire day just looking at the plants, and another admiring all the ornaments.

  5. Anonymous07:47

    What a great garden! Mommy wants your garden
    So yous guys have banana slugs? We's had those ion Vancouver Island! They scared me!

  6. Oh,

    I'm very sorry that you lost some plants and vegetables...
    But surely you continue to have a beautiful garden with a lot of original things!!!
    Woof, woof,


  7. What a lovely garden! Hate those slugs...ugh...slimy little creatures, but so destructive.

    Keep us posted on the growing.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  8. I LOVE your garden! And I'm glad your mom was able to work on through the crisis and still put together (with your help, of course!) a fantastic garden! I just have a balcony, but next year I'm going to look into container gardening, and I'll have to find a way to decorate with some of the cute things similar to what your mom's got. Thanks for sharing such great pics, Winston!

    (and sorry about last night's debacle in Boston :( )

  9. Hi Winston,

    Sorry to hear about the slugs, I agree, they are gross. Thank you for the tour of the beautiful garden.


  10. Your garden is awesome, Winston! I'm so glad you've got things under control now. Gardening is such hard work, isn't it? It's definitely not for pugs because all that hard work tires us out. Thankfully, our moms do most of the work while we do the watering.

    We have lots of garden ornaments, too, and I pee on most of them. I sure hope Momma appreciates it!


  11. Winston look at all those plants and flowers and mmmmm veggie and herbs! Your Mom really has a green thumb. We have a huge slugg issue here. You go out at night and do your business and come inside with sluggers attached to your leggies eeewwww! If you need to keep them off your planters you can use some copper tape around the planters. Good luck!

    The girls and a a special hugs to Winston form Tuni

  12. Wow, your garden is so beautiful!

  13. Hi Winston
    What a lovely garden. Glad the sun finally came out. Same here. We can almost feel good about planting the garden now that we have the sunshine to make it grow.
    Go Canucks
    Love Noodles

  14. What a gorgeous garden. We are so jealous, being urban hounds we dont have a garden. Our back yard is also where our car is parked so it is concrete

  15. Anonymous08:42

    Wow! I am super jealous of your fantastic backyard. Mum says to put out saucers of beer for the slugs. If they have to die, what a great way to go! ...or at least, that's what she says.

  16. Hi Winston.
    Thank goodness your garden is under control now, but I am wondering how you got the slugs to leave? My slugs,, don't want to move elsewhere.Your mama must have a secret magic that she makes happen
    Your yard is so beautiful

  17. om my pug!
    your garden looks amazing!
    you recovered so well from the sluggies already!
    ours will never look that beautiful!

    you work so hard on your magical garden and it shows!

    thank you so much for sharing it with us!

    a & m


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