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Friday, June 24, 2011

A Week in Review

Hi everypuggy,

Well I am backs.....
from my weekend in Seattles!

Mum and I left last Friday night and drove to Washing-machine state.
We stayed over nights then hooked ups with my Tuni and her sisters.
Mum has NO pictures of us at the hotel.
I hardly slept that night....
I couldn't keep my mind off the treat bag on the counter then....
I decided that the activity outside my window needed barking ats and.....
I was super excited abouts seeing Tuni in the morning!
Mum claims I made her have a restless night too.

Well here are the pictures Mum DID takes of me at the Seattle Pug Gala.
Tuni and I entered the Best Costume contest.
She won a runner up prize and I won grand prize.
I wore my halloween bulldozer costume and the ONLY picture we have is one that was taken by a fellow pug fan!!
Again Mum is lacking in the photo taking dept. for this event!!

Finally! Another pug as big as me!
Same height and weight!

This is Mau and Me

Tuni found her long lost twin! BOL
Same age and abouts the same size!

Pugs in costume and basket!
This one pug hads a whirly hat like Anakin's!

Group Pug!

My Tuni in her costume, she was the Solar System.
She was totally pawsome in her costume!

Me with Tuni

 Former rescue pugs on parade!

Tuni's new sister, Emma, takes a break

 Me just chillin

Agility pug Sequoia!

looks at her goes!

It is Puglette and her clan!

Now here is a picture of my costume.
Unfortunately, this picture is from last October
likes I said....
Mum was TOO busy parading around the ring with me then,
to stop and takes a picture!

In other news...
the flowers in our garden are starting to really blooms now

Flowers Mum puts in a vase

Our Clematis

 Pretty in Pink!

Our mini rose plant is blooming

Geraniums budding

Not sure what this plant is...
Mum can't remembers

More geraniums!

Nellie - cat from hell - has tagged us!
Our next post will be abouts the tag!

Tah tah for nows
Winston Wilbur


  1. OMC, what a fabulous costume, Winston, it's no wonder you won! Congratulations!

    Looks like you had a super weekend....But what about poor Tika and Kizzy, abandoned at home? ;-P

  2. Winston, it looks like you had a great time! Tuni looks the most adorable in her solar system costume, but you had my mom laughing so hard she fell out of her seat! She thinks your costume really hits on the spirit of the pug! You and Salinger (didn't he sport a poop factory costume?) should go in as a team in the next contest. I'm so glad that all your flowers are in bloom...I just love to stop and smell the flowers!

  3. Winston woons we had a blast with you last week! Look at Sequoia go!!!! We can't wait for next time.

    Pugs Hugs
    The Girls....special hug from Tuni

  4. WINSTON! Your costume is THE BEST! Well...your wee Tuni's is the best, creative and wonderful. Snuffles and snorts!

  5. Congratulations on winning first place! That is awesome! Hope you got a fabulous prize, too.

    What a great time you must have had.

  6. hi winston!
    oh congratulations on yours and tuni's wins!
    we so wish we could have been there in person to give you big hugs this year.
    we were thinking of all of you and all of the fun you were having!
    such great pictures!
    a & m

  7. Your costume is CUTE! I take it that your mom made it? She has talent!

  8. Looks like you had a great time!! I loved your costume!! Wilma the Positive Pug


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