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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

One big pug explosion!

Hello everypuggy,

Winston heres.
I just got groomed.
Mum and I were out in the yard and she decided I needed a comb out
(something abouts tufts of fur hanging off my hind).

Here is the result....
Looks like a pug exploded, doesn't it?

After the initial comb out

Close ups

 Mum gots out the rake and raked up my furs.
She said it was like being in a vortex of flying pug furs, hurricane style.

 My furs.... Hmmm I wonder if there is enoughs there to make a sweater?

Wow that is a lot of furs isn't it?
Do I look 5 lbs lighter now?
Mum says next time she should consider vacuuming me instead!
Winston Wilbur


  1. Hi Winston,

    So glad you didn't explode! Just think how much hair was left at the groomers. Heheee, snort.


  2. Holy cow! If I didn't know better, I would think you were a Siberian Husky.


  3. WOW!! That's a lot of fur!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  4. Are you sure that's not actually another pug? Wow, Winston! You deserve a prize for that!

  5. Yikes! That's a whole DOG worth of fur!!! You actually DO look thinner Winston!
    Love Noodles

  6. OMP Winston Mom thought I shed a lot but you take the cake! I think your Mom is holding enough fur to make me a nice Winston Woons sweater!! You look very slim too now and I bet you can feel a nice breeze now.

    Tuni woons

  7. I bet you feel so much better!!!

  8. Oh Winston,
    Look at all that fluffies all over the ground.
    You must be cold now.
    My mom has a scarg made from dog fur and it is beautious.

  9. OMC, that's too funny! It does rather look like a pug explosion. Your mom must have a good brush--a furminator maybe? The mom's considering buying something better for us, as we're shedding so much too.

  10. Oh, Winston, how is it possible that you are even MORE handsome now? Perfect for the warmer weather!

  11. WOW ... that is a lot of hair! Can you feel the breeze, now? I bet your mom is glad she doesn't have to sweep all of that hair off her floors and furniture! Pug Hugs, Ellen


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