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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our First Harvest..... A Green Stubby Report

Hi everykitty. Today it is us girls only!
Yup we felines are taking control of the Green Stubby Report!

(okay Tika insert the logo now.....)
(good job Tika)

Okay so what is this months report all about?
It is about harvesting your own food at home!

As many of you know we started growing our veggies in the spring.
Well, we were out in the garden on the weekend and low and behold.......
we had our first harvest.

So Tika and I started off by checking out our catnip.
Growing it at home means that you don't have waste.
Even though we recycle most packaging.......
Mum knows what happens when we PRINT the packaging.
Those inks and chemicals aren't good for the environment.

Next we checked in on our beans. Now you may remember that we originally planted them in the garden but had Slug issues so we moved the beans to the patio.
(just in time I might add!)

Look at them now!!!!!
I see flowers!

Tika found this harvesting exhausting so she stopped for a rest.
I kept going as Mum needed me to get the harvesting bowl.

Here it is! Cute huh?

 Now over to the peas.
Uh oh.... slug damage.
We rescued the peas from the original spot in the garden and they sprang back to life. But it looks like some slugs have managed to find our peas on the patio!
Look at the slug damage!!
Ah ha!
And look who Mum found in the soil!
Good bye Mr Slug... outta our peas!
(Mum placed him out back in the green belt behind the fence)

It is a small harvest but it is a start.
A few pea pods, some cilantro, sage and rosemary.
Beans, tomatos and cucumbers aren't ready yet.

While we were in the garden... 
Mum checked out the Jasmine plant.
As it isn't native to our environment Mum and I had to make sure it got correct winter care. We had it indoors and Mum thought at one point is wasn't gonna make it! (too dry and cool, not enough sun.)

But look at it! It just all of a sudden went wild!

And Mum pointed out..... 
lots of little flowers are budding!!!!
Mmmmm it is gonna smell super nice when it blooms!

Wow Tika is right...
all this harvesting and gardening is hard work.
I think I will just sit here and enjoy the smell of the cilantro in our herb mug.

Well I guess that concludes this month's Green Stubby Report.

We were wondering.... 
what have you been harvesting in your gardens this summer.
Just think how much you are helping the environment by simply gardening at home!

Cheek Kisses
Kizzy and Tika


  1. Your garden is lovely and the cats are great helpers. We have raspberries, mint, lemon balm and rucola here. And we have plenty of slugs and snails. Sigh.

  2. hi kizzy & tika!
    oh my gosh!
    look at your amazing garden!
    we got our very first red tomato the other day!
    it was deeeelicious.
    and we have some herbs and yummy rhubarb too!
    i guess our garden is kind of savory instead of sweet this year.
    oh that is ok, they have me if they want sweet. tee hee!
    archie poo

  3. We have only perennials in our garden, with some potted annuals. The mom's not much of a gardener, let's face it.

    BTW, have our packages not arrived yet? What is wrong with Canada Post? We mailed them on the 16th, one to "Winston LastName" and one to "Tika and Kizzy LastName." The mom's getting worried they're lost or stolen. There is a tracking # on the receipt, but uh, she might have put that in the recycle bin with the rest of her receipts. :-/

  4. Yay for your green garden! It looks wonderful and I can't wait to see what you harvest next.

    We planted lots but have only harvested a little so far. The broccoli bolted while the power was out so Momma is now harvesting the shoots. The beans are growing like crazy but the stores are wreaking havoc on the tall poles so we will see what happens. The jalapeƱo and Serrano peppers are growing like crazy. I don't know what Momma plans to do with all of them so I'll wait to see.

    The tomato plants aren't growing as planned. Momma thinks they weren't getting enough water but she thinks there's still time to save them and have a harvest. All the herbs are looking good. In fact, we harvested a bunch of basil last night to put in a soup.

    The lone beet plant is hanging on, too. And the carrots and onions should be ready to harvest soon. Oh, I almost forgot. The strawberry plants continue to produce delicious berries but someone has been stealing them!


  5. Girls, Stubby would be so proud of you two! What a great garden...and harvest! We started out small this year. Just herbs...Italian parsley, thyme, basil, and oregano. I think we might plant one or two 4x4 square foot gardens this fall. Say hi to Winston. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Kizzy and Tika
    Your garden is beautiful. Isn't it fun to go around and smell all the fragrances,,, and are you tempted to check out the soft,, soft dirt?
    I have somethings growing in my garden too.. like beans-- they are 4 feet tall, and snow peas,, they are 5 feet tall, and tomatoes, and squash, and onions, and swiss chard,,, but yours,,,looks more healthy than mine.
    We have problems with slugs too.
    Guess what? We got our prize today, and moms said the chocolate was the best ever.
    Thank you so much, for sending it all the ways from Canada

  7. Anonymous18:51

    We're so jealous! Lola reminds me that I kill pretty much anything I try to grow (aside form pugs, of course). Basil, thyme, more basil. Lovely garden!

  8. What a great looking garden! We don't have a yard, but if we did Mommy says we would grow cucumbers and zucchini :) Yum!
    Maddy and Owen

  9. You are good gardeners! There is some jasmine in our neighborhood and it smells very beautiful!

  10. I'm not very good at gardening but we have had some yummy green beans and tomatoes - thanks to our wonderful neighbors!


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