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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pug Meet with Asha!

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres,

Today was our monthly Burnaby Pug Meet.

Mum tooks me and Asha.

The turn out was huge!

Here are the photos...

I get a hug from a fan!

Mum says there is always a few in the group that heads into the muddy area!

My friend, Mika

This big guy is a regular walker in the park. We meet him all the times.

My pal Gus. The only other pug that is a big pug likes me.

Me and Asha. We are pretty tight pals now.

Asha showing of her cuteness!

Group pug! There was a good Black Pug turn outs today.

There were over 20 pugs ... Mum lost track of everypugs name. She can't remember who this is!!

A gathering of pugs!

This is Champ. He is a new member to our group. He is also another big boy.

New member, Lola

That is me, on the left, with my pals.

Can't believe Mum tooks this one... that is me, on the right... um kinda... begging for treats!                            (how embarassing)

It turned outs to be a nice sunny day, so later in the afternoon we wents to the riverbank for a walk roll in the pugmobile.

what a great view of the river from the lookouts

Yup... it was a crazy busy day today.

Here is a picture of us coming home from the walk roll...

totally pooped!

Asha goes home tonights but I sure enjoyed her visit. Mum and Dad are totally gonna miss her.

I thinks I need a naps now.

Winston Wilbur


  1. What adorable pictures. I love that shot of the big guy!

    Urban Hounds

  2. Hi Winston
    I know you will miss Asha, but what a wonderful time you had when she was with you!
    I loved looking at all those cute puggys! There was so many of them- running just everywhere.
    Many colors and so many shapes and sizes!
    Gosh- I would be so exhaugsted after going to that even- but how fun! Good Times!

  3. Looks like lovely fun :) Can't wait till we can get out to a meetup :)

  4. That was an awesome day Winston. Hope your paw/leg is ok. Don't forget to tell us about it. We are thinking about you.

  5. Looks like the weather all over has been perfect for pug meet ups lately! We had over 20 at ours today, too. And yup, we are beat!

  6. Hi Winston!

    Your pug meetup looked like so much fun!
    Daisy, Bruce and I would love to get together with
    you and your mom now that we are living in Washington.
    Bruce has never had a play date before, so I think he
    will be super excited to hang out and play!

    We hope your week is going well!

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce

  7. What a fun day you guys and girls had! I love all the little curly tails! Thanks for taking us along on your playday!

  8. yay! what a great time you have, you have a lots of fun playing with your pugs friends, that is really cool!

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