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Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Pug's Perspective

Hi everypuggy,

Winston heres.
Today I want to talks about "pug stuff".

You all knows what I mean. The stuff your peeps collect that have pictures of pugs on it.

Last weekend Mum went to see Tuni and her momma. It was for the baby shower for Tuni's little brother to be! Anyways, Mum was saying how she noticed that Tuni's momma proudly displayed her pug mug on the kitchen counter just like Mum does with hers (they both gots these pug mugs at last year's Seattle Pug Gala).

Here is the mug. Ours is blue and Tuni's mom gots a green one.

This got me thinkings...

Looks at me and tell me....

Not only am I not impressed buts, I thinks it is weirds!

Do you not think this is weirds?

To have stuffs displayed around our home that contain a photo or picture of some unknown pug.

Takes this "pug a day" calendar, for example
 (a gift from Tuni's mom. Mum noticed they also have one displayed in their kitchen just like us!)

Who is that pug?

Why is it not 365 days of Winston on that calendar?

I thinks it should be my picutre plastered on all these items not some Pug Doe!

I don't know who that pug is on that mug Mum gots. I never sniffed that butt before... that ain't a friend of mine.


Do you see me dashing out to Pet Smart to pick up a dog dish that has a random picture of some human on it?

How abouts a bowl with this dude on it?

 I don't wear dog clothes with pictures of a "Jane or John Doe" on them!

Why would I possess items with pictures of strangers on them?

Just because this silhouette reminds me of  Mum (cuz of the ponytail) doesn't means I am gonna run outs and get it printed on my winter jacket!!!

Wow reminds me of Mum, hmmm let's put that on my jacket! NOT.

So I asks this...

Why does Mum feel she needs to gets things with pictures of unknown pugs on them?

Does any other pug see my point regarding all this?

Please tell me what you thinks of  this!

one weirded outs, and not very impressed,
Winston Wilburs


  1. Oh Winston I agree....hold on Mom is off giggling in the corner about this post. Hrmph. I don't know why she has all these random pug pictures on stuff here either. I know that mug is out on the counter every day with that random puggy on it. We should band together and get our pics plastered all over these randoms pugs pictures what do you think?

    Hugs Tuni Woons

  2. Hey Winston! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one wondering who in the world all those stranger pugs are! I couldn't agree more. Good to see you by the way. We miss you!

  3. Hi Winston
    I understand where you are coming from all right.
    My moms each have a mug with some other pug on it. And moms are always going gooo gooo eyes over every pug they see.
    I agree that why not have calander with YOU- Winston on all 365 days ! Or me- or any of our friends - right? I heat ya Winston- you got a good point going on!

  4. We hear you, Winston. Our mom gets a lot of pug gifts like mugs and calendars too. And scary little figurines. She mostly keeps the stuff at work so we don't get jealous.

  5. Hahahaha! I just think my mama is weird all over, and I'd never thought about her pug stuff, but you're RIGHT, Winston! It's cerepy. And it SHOULD be all about ME in this house, not some random.

    Bravo, Winston Wilbur, Bravo!

    Lola Pug

  6. Winston you are too funny, you have our mom laughing at loud. You make an excellent point. mom has tons of stuff wiht pugs and other doggies on them all over the house. Everyone who buys her a gift or a card thinks, oh a pug, must give that to mom so our house is filled with pictures of strangers. We forgive her because she has pics of us all over too though
    Urban Hounds

  7. Yes I totally agree with you Winston, why is it not you on every page of the calender or on the mug and clothes and stuff,all those stranger pugs thats not right?! I wouldnt put someone else other then my own Mum on a tee shirt or mug!!! Love, Licks, Pug Hugs and Tummy Rubs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxx


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