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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hi Everypuggy,

Finally my Seattle Pug Gala post!

I will starts at the beginning... Friday nights.

Dickens arrived at my house then, we drove out to the Fraser Valley to swap cars with my Aunti J. She has air conditioning which Mum thoughts would be a goods idea for us.

We crossed the border and arrived in Mount Vernon at abouts 10pm. Checked ins and settled into beds.

Bedtime snack time!

Dickens, the pillow shark!
We gots up early the next morning, had wee wee breaks, then breakfast then Mum and Granny had breakfast Then we checked out of the hotels to head over to visit my Tuni before heading to the gala.
Morning wee wees outdside the hotel
It was so goods to see Tuni, Sequoia and Emma and... new baby brudder!!!!

Me with my luv, Tuni

Sequoia hangs out in the "smaller" bed!

Emma in her crate. It gots really chaotics with us all there so Sequoia and Emma hads to go into their kennels.

Tuni, Me and Dickens

Now, Mum tooks no pictures of baby brudder... Granny tooks them all so we have no pics at this time to put up on the blog.

After our visit we saids good byes and headed to the Gala
(Unfortunately  The Girls weren't able to makes it this year, so we promised to post many photos for them)

Finally, after getting stucks in highway traffic due to an earlier car accident... we arrived!

The first people we saw when we walked through the doors was...
Dana with Bruce and Daisy!!
It was our first time meeting in pugson!
Dickens and Bruce

Here is Daisy!

Me with Dickens and Bruce
Here is all 4 of us

Next we wandered arounds and checked out the vendors, had a go at "spin the wheel"

Mum entered tickets into the raffle draw which... SHE WONS A BASKET!!
Mum won a teapot with a mug and some selected teas and a new dog leash for myself.

 "spin the wheel" to win a prize
Then we saw someone waving to us!

OMP it is Mika my friend from our Burnaby Pug Group!!

She came across the border too!!

Dickens and Mika
Mika again!
I gots a lot of attention from fans when they saw me in my Pugmobile!

We then rans into Toni with Gator, Lucy and Chaz.

(Unfortunately Mum didn't gets photos of them. We knows them through the Bellingham Pug Group but lots of us know her through the Pug Sluts group too! we grabbed this pic off of facebooks... Mum didn't takes this picture.)

Then I decided to puts on my tartan hat to gets into the spirit of things...

We found Rita and Molly in the crowd and Rita gaves me this cool squeaky toy!
Here I am playing with my new toy! Thanks Rita!

Dickens and Molly
Towards the end of the Gala we finally founds Judy and her gang.
We knows her through facebooks too and from the gala last years!

Dana and Judy

I made new friends too...
Like Linda who tooks this photo of me

Mum spend a long times talking to this guys momma.
Chubby has walking issues just like I do!

Chubby also needs a stroller like me
Mum could have taken more photos but she was so busy looking at stuffs and meeting people.

Mum spent a long times looking at getting the bike/stroller for me. The box wouldn't fits in the car so we have to order it and have it delivered. I can't waits.

Anyways, if you want to see more photos check out:
Seattle Pug Gala Facebook page

On the way homes we were super tired!
Mum tooks this photo of me when we gots to the border.

It was so much funs I can't wait til next years.

A tuckered out...
Winston Wilbur


  1. Oh, Winston! I'm so glad you had fun. Wish I could have joined you and your mum!

  2. Holy smokes what a good time you all had Winston.
    Of course the best part was seeing your luv Tuni.
    I know it must have just been perfect meeting new friends and seeing friends you already knew! And to see Daisy, Bruce and the mom too!
    Is that bike what your momma is getting for you?
    gosh, that looks like a bat mobile and I love it!
    You sure are cute Winston and I love it when you put that hat on!

  3. We had a great time at the Pug Gala! It was so nice to see you and your mom again and to meet your buddy Dickens and his mom.
    Already looking forward to next year!

  4. What an absolutely amazing pug party, we are so jealous, we wish we could have been there to and met you in the fur!

    urban hounds

  5. Ahhh it looked like so much fun! We are going next year fur sure no one is stopping us! So many great photos we love Dickens the pillow shark hee hee!

    The Girls

  6. Goodness, that looks like soooo much fun!! That is so great that you got to meet so many people and their pugs in pugson!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  7. What a great visit and a fun gala! We love the tartan hat. Super cool!

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley


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