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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Hats Off... and toss em high!

Hello everypuggy,

Yesterdays was Burnaby's Hats Off Day celebrations.
It is to celebrate the community merchants.

I tossed my hat offs and celebrated
A huge section of the street is closed offs and the party begins with a parade.

I gots there right after the parade.

There was a huge old car show... A shine and show!
Cool eh?

super olds!

The car shined so much I can see myself!

OMP my favourite local bakery "Big Dog, Little Dog" had a special sale on!

Naturally I talked Mum into going insides for a snack!
looks at the goodies in the display case!
I gots two turkey meatballs!

What do you means I gotta wait til lunch times!!
After walking arounds and listening to musics we stopped for lunch.

Lunch time with Dad at Mum's favourite cafe! Caffe Artigiano
I finally gots to eat my turkey meatballs!

Gosh that was SO goods!

Holy thundering rains!
A dark cloud appeared and opened up lots of rains, some lightening then thunder.

That cleared the street pretty quicks!
Not to worry I stayed nice and dry under the awning.
The rain cleared in 15 minutes or so.

It was such a fun and busy day I was all tuckered outs!
Well that was "hat tossing" funs!

Until next years....

Toss em high, my friends!

Winston Wilbur


  1. OMPugness! That looked like fun and Scarlet is wanting from of those turkey meatballs now...

    Meredith & Scarlet

  2. What a fun day! Thank you for sharing - although wht I really wish you'd share is those those turkey meatballs. Yummy!

  3. What a neat idea for a parade!

  4. Winstons, buddy.....looks like ya had a great day!

    We like car shows. My dad just finished restorin' a '64 Fairlane - street machine I tell ya what!

    That turkey meatball looks real good. I ain't been too hungry lately (can ya buhlieve that??) so why doncha have a couple fer me.

    Hat's off to ya, bud.

  5. Oh Winston what fun those turkey meat balls look tasty.

    I love the idea of any celebration involving a hat. You are so cute it seems impossible you could get any cuter but then you put on that hat and watch out!

    urban hounds

  6. Oh my dog you look so cute in that stroller!


  7. Hi Winston
    You always have the most fun things to celebrate. I just got back from the ocean and I wanted to come visit you!
    So here I am! You are so cute as you toss your hat to the wind! So much celebrating going on,, but I do believe the most important would be the turkey meatballs- if you ask me. I saw your cute face just drooling over those meatballs!
    I was thinking how fun it is for you to ride in your special go cart,,, and just relax- yet everyone can see you!
    We had some thunderboomers too, but, I am like you,,, knowing its part of Mother Earth,,, talking to us,, so we just welcome that don't we?
    I hope you had a nice nap after you ate the meatballs!
    nitey nite

  8. Turkey meatballs?? : ) Mama is drooling over your mum's sandwich - yes she eats like pugs.

    Have a pawsome day!!

  9. We gave you an award at our blog today if you want to come check it out

    Urban Hounds


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