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Friday, December 04, 2009

Holiday Prep - Stage 3 Giving and Receiving

Hi everypuggy. This is the 3rd instalment of my holiday prep. This post is about giving and receiving. To start with I have finally got my holiday gifts packaged now all that needs to be done is take them to the post office. Here is a picture of me with my packages.

The next topic is "Receiving".

I was nominated another award, this time from Rosie Marie

She gave me this award. She also mentioned that I knows what it is like to live with cats. Yes I do, Rosie, I am so glads you too understand how it is to share the house with felines and be the only puggers!
Thanks for my award Rosie.

The other "Receiving" arrived on Tuesday.

I gots very excited about this next thing as I have been waiting and checking with the postman every days for 2 weeks.

This arrived at my house.


Mum announced my package had finally arrived from my pug luvs, Tuni .
Mum brought it into the living room and let me open it.

Tuni, here is the video Mum tooks of me trying to open the package.

I was so happy to get this gift all the way from America. I participated in Tuni and Sequoia's paw it forward.
Looks at the things I got!

There was a card, a little blue ball, a blue chewie bone, my own little holiday stocking, and MY VERY OWN SNUGGIE IN BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I am in my new snuggie. Thank you so much for my snuggie. Now Mum doesn't have to go to America to get me one. Look how nicely it fits. Tuni's Mum sure knows how to fit a pug for clothes.
I have been wearing it everynight. I luvs it. Thank you girls.

I thinks Kizzy is a little jealous of my presents. Sorry Kizzy, the snuggie is to big for you and it is blues, my colour not yours!

I also went crazy for the blue chewie bone. Mum says I haven't stopped chewing it since I gots it.

She tooks a video of me chewing it.

Here is another picture of me in my snuggie.

Here is a close up of my new stocking

After all the excitement of the gifts, I forgot to mention that the weather has turned very nice now. The rains have stopped and the sun is shining. It is a little chilly in the morning but I am glads for the sun. Here is a picture Mum tooks of the sunrise on Thursday morning during our walkies.

The full moon was still visible in the morning sky as we walked across the field. Can you see the moons at the top of the picture below? There was lots of frost on the ground and my toes got chilly.

Tomorrow we are posting my holiday gifts. Good night everyone!
I will be nice and cozy in my snuggie as I dream of my Tuni!


  1. How khool!

    We love seeing the skies in other parts of the world!

    Especially in Khanada, eh?


  2. Winstons,

    You look so handsomes in the snuggie. We are so happy it fits you so well. Tell your feline sisters sorry there wasn't somethings in there for them, next time though, this time was just for you cuties. And the video of yous chewing the bone looks just like me chewing one!

    Pug Hugs,

  3. Hi Winston!

    You look great in your snuggie!
    I'm glad you're also enjoying
    all those nice gifts from
    Tuni! Hope you are having
    a great weekend!

    -Dana & Penny

  4. Aren't Tuni & Sequoia the best! You look very handsome in your snuggie.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Oh, Winston, what nice gifts you got from Tuni!! And I am sooooo jealous that you have all your packages ready for mailing! I am almost to that stage, but not quite!

  6. Hi Winston - Glad you liked your award! That snuggie looks so great on you and warm too - you will need it this winter!!

  7. Anonymous09:45

    Look at all those goodies and you look so handsome in your snuggie!!

    I am loving this weather right now, sure it is freaking cold but the sunshine after all that rain is awesome. :)


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