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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Prep - Step 2 - The outdoor lights

So the holidays are drawing closer and the first step this year was to do my shoppings, which is done but..... still have to post them. Mum bought the wrong size packaging envelopes so she's gotta go out and get bigger ones! Anyways, I really wanted to put ups our tree but Mum said outdoor lights first. Here are pictures of us putting up our outdoor lights. Kizzy and TIka like to help out for this event (more than mes) as they find it fun to chase the string of lights across the floors.

First off..... Mum woke us up in the morning and announced today was outdoor light day!
Mum says I am the hardest, out of us 3, to get out of the bed in the morning.

Kizzy waking up

Tika being woken up

Official" light tester" and "bulb checker", Kizzy and Tika

Ah the laundry basket makes a great office for the manager of the light testing

The office is shared with the manager of the bulb checker

Mum erects the ladder, the fact that it was raining didn't deter her from putting up the lights

The things on the front porch had to be moved around to accommodate the holiday decorations. Mum moved my cement stepping stone from the doorway to the area near the entrance of our "wally gates". I was ok with this as Mum explained it will be the first thing people see when they come to the door. (2003! I wuz just a pups then, only 1 1/2 yrs old)

Our signature "2 Cats and a Dog" lawn stakes were moved closer into the porch to stay drier during winter.

The porch entrance way (were my stepping stone used to be). Mum also had to take down the summer hammock swing chair she gots in Mexico.

Kizzy comes to inspect the arrangement of decorations and gives it a 2 paws up

Here is a picture at nights. There is my stepping stone in front of the gates and to the right.
Wow, our little tree (left) is very brights.

A picture of the front door at nights.

And the last picture is the house from the streets. Mum tooks a blurry picture so it isn't very good.

Later in the afternoon my pal Dickens came for a bit of a visit. We wents for walkies in the graveyard near our house. It was kind of warms out and NOT raining! I hads a busy weekend!


  1. Anonymous11:01

    Looks good! Atleast with our rain it has been somewhat warmer :p
    I would still rather have snow then all the rain though.

  2. Hey Winston, that looks awesome! I's likes Christmastime lights. We're decorating here at my family's house tonight!

  3. Winstons

    We love the lights! They are so festives. We don't have outdoors lights we live in apartments.

    I too get out of beds last. Sometimes Dad will leave me sleepings there (Mom would never dares!) and get me later. I can't gets out of bed without a humans help though, old bones.

    I hope you get your package soon and the sniffer dog didn't steals it at customs!

    Pug Hugs,

  4. Anonymous19:29

    Hi Winston, nice to meet you! Momma was amazed at how similar Tika and jane look...that's so cool. We see too, that you know our friend Tweedles! Isn't she the sweetest? Love your decorations, and that sleepy face of yours is PRICELESS!

  5. Hi Winston! You sure did have a busy weekend! I love the work you did with the lights - looks very nice and festive!!
    I can see that the kitties were very helpful, and they even had their own office?! Cool.

  6. hi winston!
    oh your house looks amazing! we loved seeing you all check and put up the lights!
    have a wonderful day!
    m & e


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