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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sigh! Another Rain and Wind Warning... When will it be Spring!

I have been doing lots of this lately. The rains has been falling so much. Last night Mum and I woke up in the middle of the night because of the strong winds. The roads are flooding, it is too windy and wet to play outside and I am fed ups with getting soaked on my walkies.

Environment Canada has issued a Wind and Rain Warning for tonight and tomorrow so because we are stuck inside during this crumby weathers I decided to post some pics of some of my things inside my homes.

Above is a pic of my new toy area! Mum and Dad have been doing some renos in the homes. In the living room they made this little alcove under the big TV for my toy box. Looks at all my toys!!! (see the two toys on the floor to the right, those aren't mines. They are my cat sisters', I was nice enough to allow them to keep some toys in MY new toy area). I have been playing with my toys lots cause of this rainy weather. I means, I gotta keep busy somehow! 

With all the renos going ons I keep finding my things relocated to different areas of the home. Mum says this is temporary....... so it doesn't gets in the way. Here is a pic of me with my bed. I like my bed to be in the hallway near the front doors, but today it is upstairs in the computer rooms. Hey! what happened to my favourite blanket! MUM!!!!!! (oh..... she just told me it is being washed, phew! I thought it gots lost in the shuffle).

This is one of my favourite areas in the house. My feeding tray in the kitchen. I gots my own name plaque (so that my cat sisters know it is MY food, not theirs!). What is so specials about my food area is the tray. See, Mum mades that for me. She thought I looked uncomfortable stretching out my front legs like a giraffe so I could eat from my bowl, that she made me a raised tray. She made it at her woodshop, it is mades of 2 different types of woods (Mum said something about scraps lying around from the table project). She custom made it to fits my feeding dishes. She did not make my name plaque.

This pic above is something my pug pal Dickens had on his harness and Mum thought it a good idea I gets one too. It is a  turbo turtle LED light from a store called Mountain Co-Op Equipment   (notes: I don't likes this store as it doesn't have "pet" in the name and I am not allowed inside). Dickens' Dad took Mum to this store and he showed Mum the light. She gots me blues as it is my favourite colour. She likes the light, especially in this dark rainy weather. We turn it on when I go out for walkies and Mum can see me in the dark but she says it is mostly for my safety so cars and bikes can see me.

Here is a pic of me watching Mum on the computer (OMD she is playing Christmas music right now!). I like lounging here as this blanket is so very cosy and warms. I just wish it was blues not pinks as I am a boy!

Here is me and Mum hanging out watching TV and staying dry inside.

Here is a video of me and my new chewy from Simply 4 paws an online pet store! I luvs my chewy (Mum says this keeps me busy while we are cooped up inside). There are strict rules for having chewy though, I can only have it while she monitors as I sometimes have a habit of swallowing too big of a piece! She said something about Pearl doing a similar thing in a video on her blog . Mum was videoing me while she was watching TVs.


  1. LOL @ your mom playing Christmas music! It's everywhere already! We've been getting quite a bit of rain lately, too, and tonight was rather windy walking back to my car after class. I really like your stuffie stash! Wow that's quite a collection! You're also doing quite a number on the chew thing! You really really need to get out! I hope the weather there clears up soon!!!

  2. Hi Winston
    I know how you feel being all cooped up in the house because of big old storms. We are having a big storm down here in Oregon too and the forest is falling down.
    Our lights are blinking.
    I am happy that you have a special place for your toys so your kitty sisters don't play with them. And most of all the name on your feeding station makes it very clear that it belongs to you.
    I like to lay on soft things too,
    I know you like blue cause your a boy, and I like pink- cause I am a girl.

  3. there are SO many good ideas in this post! I love the toy alcove, the named dining area and the LED light! Brilliant pug mama!

  4. Oh Winston, all that rain must be the pits! At least it looks like you have lots of toys and soft places to lay inside!!

    I am so glad your momma is watching you with that chew chew- she is smarter than my momma was! Now I only get Nylabones!

    Stay warm and dry, sweetie!


  5. Anonymous09:49

    I know this weather has been so gross! We have been walking in it everymorning lol.
    My problem is everytime we let Gus out into the back yard he dawdles and gets soaked!

    I like your idea for the food dish.. I think Gus needs that.
    We have a toy basket too and I love watching them dig for certain toys. :)

  6. Winstons you are a greater chewer! I was so amazed at hows you can chew so sweetly yet are so tough. You have a greats food place...I too eat out of a slightly raised dishes because Momma thinks my little curved back can't bends as well like other dogs.

    I also so we have the same big green froggy toys! That is one of my favs!

    Pug Hugs,

    PS Momma mailed your present todays...we hopes it gets to you soon.

  7. Rain storms and pugs do not mix.
    I'm glad you guys are finding
    ways to keep busy inside.
    When it rains out here,
    Penny presses her pug
    butt against the
    glass window
    and moons
    the rain.

    Hope the weather clears up for
    you soon! Have a great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  8. hi winston!
    oh we love all of your new areas and things your mom and dad got for you!
    your photos always make our day!
    m & e

  9. We know how you feel, cold and wet here lately too. Can't wait to get through Winter and back nice being outside weather again.

    Love you personal dining area. Humm...lots of

  10. Hi Winston - It looks like you have a lot of things in your house to keep you occupied when it is raining - especially that toy box! or why not have a friend over to play :)


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