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Monday, November 09, 2009

PHEW! no worries..... and we have another Rain Fall Warning!

Ok so today was the day Mum tooks me to the Vet. We droves all the way into Vancouver which tooks almost an hour! But Mum really likes the Granville Island Animal Clinic rather than the one close to homes. She says its cause they just know more about us Puggers at that one. When we gots there I was weighed. I tipped the scales at 35.6 lbs. We were then ushered into a room. I was a little nervous so I sat under Mum's chair shivering and hiding. Dr. Clark came in and looked at Mum and said "First off, we need to talk about weight, this is heavy for a pug". Then I walked out from under the chair to say Hi to the Doc. He looked at me then at Mum and said "Ok, let me retract that statement. This is the biggest pug I have ever seen! He probably needs to drop only about 3 to 5 pounds, he certainly is tall and big overall for a pug" Mum told him that I was not on steroids that my daddy was a big boy too. This is my first time seeing this Doc and I loved him. He looked me over and checked my teeths. He couldn't believe how much of a lucky puggers I was for having hardly no plaque build ups. Something about Genetics to which Mum said "yes that and the size of him". I do have a yeast infection in my ears so I have to have drops once a day until the drops are finished. Now to the lump. He looked it over, took a sample with a needle which did not hurt one bit!!!! Then he told Mum it is most likely a fat deposit and there is no need to worry. It can be left alone unless it gets really large. I looked at Mum and could see the reliefs on her face. She is super happy right now. In about 2 days we get the final results but the Doc seemed pretty confident it was nothing to worry about. YEAH!

On the way home I got a treat for being so good. We also stopped at Home Depot and I went in with Mum and got loads of attention. Then the rain came. Lots of it. And the wind. Now I am at homes curled up on Mum's Snuggie. She says I really need to get one of my own and I thinks she may go back to America to gets me one!

Me in the exam room at the Dr's, I am a little nervous.

This weather warning results in......

Cuddling on Mum's Snuggie. I luvs rainy days.


  1. It is khwite nice to see woo had a good vet visit given how your mom was soooo worried!

    Woo do look good on her snuggie!


  2. OMD we (really mes mostly) are so happy that you went to wets and said it was probably fat deposit. We hope all the tests come back negative for bad things.

    Well I saws you snuggled with a weighs about 36lbs and like to color blues....I may have found you something to 'snuggie' with soon!

    Pug Higs,

  3. I am very happy for you that your vet appt went good.
    Sounds to me like they used the same needle on you- that they used on me.
    You are such a BIG handsome boy, and look adorable on your moms snuggie

  4. YAY Winston! I just knew you'd get good news at the vets!

  5. Anonymous08:43

    Ooh a special pug dr? Our vet out in Aldergrove has a pug so he likes our guys :) Keeps telling me they are overweight, but Gus is big like Winston!
    Fingers are crossed that is just a fat deposit.

    Oooh pretty snuggie! I am thinking of getting the dogs one too. :)

  6. hi winston!
    oh what a great post! we are so happy your vet appt. went so well and that you are now cuddling with your mom before the storm really hit!

    we loved all of your photos!

    m & e

  7. Sounds like your trip to the vet wasn't all that bad. Will still be hoping the final results on your test are good! And yikes! I didn't realize you were such a full size puggie! Just more of you to loves on, I guess! :)


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