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Friday, November 06, 2009

A little bit of a Worry

Well mum was giving me a pug massage the other day and she discovered a small lump under my fur on my left side. She spent about 15 minutes poking me and checking out both my sides then going back and pulling my skin, poking some more that it just  got  plain old bothersome for me. She looked at me and said something about Dr. Clark then I looked at her and she seemed really worried. That was on Tuesday of this week. She just announced I have an appointment at that place in Vancouver called the Vet. We go on Monday. She was talking to me last night saying it could be just a lump. I know mum..... she gets super worried and thinks the worst. "oh my small guy what if it is life threatening" she says. I keep telling her I ain't a "small guy" by any means but I have now just come to realize that if she likes to think of me that way then I will just let her, if it keeps her mind at ease she can call me "small guy" til the cows come home. I will let you know how it goes on Monday, apparently I am overdue for my exam anyway so it is time for a check up. Are there any other pugs out there that have had any small lumps?

Anyway we had a rainfall warning yesterday and it is pretty wet again today so here is how I have been spending my last two days!


  1. Winston sweatheart,

    My Mom is always poking and smushing my fur to check for lumps, since I had my lady surgery so late in life. She hasn't found anything serious yet. I am hoping yous don't have anything serious either. My thouhgts of happy times and healing powers are being sent your way and I will cross my paws for yous.


    PS I may have found something at Petsmart for yous and my Mom said she will send it too you if we can gets your address. If you leave it in a comment it won't appears on the blog.

  2. I am purring my best that your lump will be fine!

  3. We are sending good thought and keeping paws crossed that the lump is nothing.
    I did have lump on my thigh a year ago. It acted like it had fluid. I went to the dr and they poked it with a needle and looked in the microscope and it turned out to be nothing. It took another year to go away. I will send good thoughts yours does too

  4. You don't worry about a thing. Either than lump needs to snip snip come out or it's no bother at all. Either way, the doctor will take care of everything, and you will trundle on without a care! we will send you white healing light, we have so much here we always have plenty to spare!! kiss kiss kiss!

  5. Sending good vibes your way! Praying that it isn't serious.

  6. Sweet Winston, I am thinking of you today! Give us an update after your vet appointment, ok??

  7. Winston, we are all thinking about you and hope your momma keeps us updated on your lump!!!



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