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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Mania!

Hi Every puggy,
First off Mum says we won't change the Valentine background until the Olympics is over. She says cuz it is red and white our Flag colours! Oh Mum!)

Well today was the days! I went into Vancouver to see the Olympic stuff.
Mum gots me up early, she had a bit of trouble getting me outta bed!

Once I was up we got in the car and drove into the city. We found parking in an area called "Gastown". We walked around the city checking things out.

The first stop was the steam clock in Gastown. This is a very popular tourist attraction so Mum had to have me pose in front of the clock.

We then walked down to the Olympic Cauldron. Mum keeps calling it the "torch"!
Here is me with my flag. I am a proud Canadian Pug!

Looks at the cauldron! There it is!

Here is Mum and me in front of the fence.

One thing I should tell you is that I sure draw a crowd. So many people wanted to takes my picture! They thought I was cutes. We decided I had to leave the cauldron area as I was drawing too much attention that a crowd was blocking the viewing area!!! Here I am in the crowd.

We then headed up to Robson Square and the Art Gallery area where some of the venues were being held. There is a zip line there and large TV screens and an ice rink.

Here I am on the street heading up to the square.

We stopped at the Art Gallery for some photos and to see the Official Count Down Clock.

The Art Gallery

Me on the steps of the Gallery.

The Count Down Clock. It is now counting down til the start of the Paralympics.

Then we went around the corner to Robson Square

Here is the zip line that you can ride for free if you want to stand in the 7 hour line up!!!

Mum thought these steps were cool!

Me and Dad waiting in the Square (waiting for Mum - bathroom!)

close up of me!

Mum liked this too! A building downtown.

We then walked down Granville Street which was closed to traffic. This is the major street downtown and has lots of shops on it.

Me on Granville St.
(this was taken just before we met Anna Olsen the lady with the cooking show on TV,
her husband tooks a picture of me. They used to have pugs too.)

Mum liked this sign! Whatever!

Here are some shots Mum tooks of the waterfront near the cauldron.

Looks to the left of the picture just beside the building.... you can just see the Olympic Rings that are situated out on the water.

I was so tired for the excitement of all the attention I gots that I was ready to go home after 2 hours.
Mum took this just before I gots back into the car.

Here I am in the car on the way home.

Now I am just hanging at home relaxing and thinking of Tuni!
I am exhausted but I had so much funs!


  1. Wow, you look like you had quite a day! Getting to see the torch, and wearing your Canadian flag, and attracting so much attention because you've got the cutes! Oh, yes, you were busy!!

  2. What a fantastic day! Thanks for sharing such great pics with us!!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  3. Thanks fur sharing those great pikhs!

    My furiends Steve and Kat had their pawrents drive them up from Seattle to chekhk out the place!


  4. Hi Winston! I didn't want to get out of bed this morning either because I was so cozy comfy under the covers. Mom left me in bed when she left for work so lucky for me I got to sleep in.

    It looks like you had so much fun today. How exciting to have the Olympics in your backyard. And to see the torch up close is very cool. Vancouver is such a beautiful city and the whole world is experiencing all it has to offer.

    I'm so not surprised that you attracted a crowd while you were out and about. Us pugs prove time and again that we are the true stars of any show!

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Anonymous03:00

    What a wonderful day you had Winston! Momma got excited because she's been to Vancouver and said looking at your pictures was like being there again, with a cute little tour guide! *wink*

  6. Awes Winston I am thinking of you toos. You looked so regal in the flag in the city. Of course you drew a crowd you are a handsome pugger!


  7. Winston, I am not surprised that so many people wanted to love on you! You look so cute with your Canadian flag on!

    It must be so fun with all the Olympic excitement so close!!!


  8. It looks like you had just as much fun at the Olympics as we did! The flag looks great on you too.

    We received your post card yesterday. Thank you so much! We will post about it soon.

    Steve and Kat

  9. Hi Winston!

    What an exciting post!
    It looks like you had a great day!
    Keep us posted on all of the
    fun stuff going on
    over there!

    -Dana & Penny


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