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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pre-Olympic Event and The cards are in the Mail!

Hello Every Puggy!

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Mum and I drove to North and West Vancouver as the Olympic Torch Relay was passing through that area. There were lots of free events going on. Here are pictures from my long day.

Here I am in the car waiting for Mum to get in.

Looks at the "Pug Taxi" sign she keeps in the window. Yup Mum is my personal taxi driver!

It was a wet and drizzling day yesterday. We drove to North Vancouver firsts.
Here is the Torch Shuttle Pick Up area that was set up in an area called "Lynn Valley". There was a big concert and activities held at the Library/Shopping mall area. We did not actually go into that area as there was too many peoples and Mum was scared I would get trampled amongst the crowd.

Here I am waiting for the Shuttle (BOL just kidding, remember I have my own taxi driver!)

We then headed over to the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver. The torch had arrived at the Lonsdale Quay early in the morning at 8am while I was still in beds!

The festivities were over by the time we gots there but Mum had me pose beside the Torch billboard that was announcing the arrival of the torch.

Mum took me on an escalator which I did not likes at all. I made her carry me down. We had to walk across an overpass to gets to the escalator and the Lonsdale Quay. On the overpass we spotted this!

We made our way over to the dock to gets a closer looks. We aren't sure why this is here but we thinks it is probably for the Olympics.
We walked the pier and took pictures of this big ship

Mum had to takes a picture of this..... it was funny! BOL looks it is a cat!

Here is the ship's name and the big anchor. I asked Mum what it said and she couldn't read it. Not because she can't reads but because it was another language. She said the ship was flying the Russian Flag.

Here is me beside the ship.... see how big it is!

After that we stopped for coffee for Mum and liver treats for me. We sat outside and had our snacks.
Here I am putting on my very best "feed me I am starving" looks.

We then drove over to West Vancouver to the area where I go to the off leash dog park. Mum thought a nice walk would be in order. But first we had to walk to the car and I told Mum no more escalator so we tooks the stairs instead.

We stopped on the stairs to looks below at all the Olympic transfer buses. One was just dropping off Olympic Employees. The colour they all wear is this light blue jacket so people knows they are helping the Olympics. Looks at them all!

This picture Mum tooks from North Vancouver before we gots into the car to head to West Vancouver. See the white sails in the middle. That is the Pan Pacific hotel and to the right is the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. That hotel is super expensive. In front of the hotel but on the water is the Olympic Rings but during the day you can't sees them, they light up at nights. This picture is looking across the Burrard Inlet toward Downtown Vancouver where there will be lots of people visiting very very soon!

So we stopped for a wee wee break in West Vancouver. You may recognize these photos from previous posts of me at the beach. I come here lots. See that bridge.... that is called The Lions Gate Bridge. It connects people from West and North Vancouver to the Downtown area of Vancouver and a big park called Stanley Park. I have been to Stanley Park a few times too!

Here I am posing on the log. (Tuni this one is for you!)

We walked along the beach toward the little art museum building. All of a sudden we saw this other little building that was never there before.

It is an Information Booth and these booths are set up all over the Vancouver and surrounding areas for the visitors to the Olympics. We asked the lady inside there, when the Torch will be arriving in West Vancouver and she said not until 7pm tonight. North Vancouver was celebrating first.

Mum then asked me to pose in front of the sign for this booth.
Here I am!

Mum got upset cause I wasn't looking at the camera but I had spotted a mailbox and was seeing how far away it was. Not cause I want to wee wee on it but cause I had an errand to run.
So we made our way over there to do this.....

Mum had to helps cause I was to short, but looks we mailed our Valentine's Cards!

There done, they are on their ways!

We then headed homes. Mum tried to get a picture of the big sign that says....
"Welcome World to Vancouver" but it was too far aways. You can see the Canada flag though!

At bedtime I told Kizzy and Tika all abouts the day, then we all fell asleep. I was super tired!

So today this is what I am doings, I am recovering from my adventure. I have to rest up I am meeting my pug pal Dickens later this afternoon. I will tell him all about what I saw too!

Only 1 more day til the Olympics starts! Keep tuning in for more updates!


  1. Well, glad to know I am not the last one to mail my V-day cards! Thanks for the photos of the Olympic doings in Vancouver - it must be really exciting - we love the pug's eye view!

    Love Gen & the Foo

  2. Hi Winston! What a neat adventure you had today! You must be so proud to have the Olympics in your backyard. There will people from all over the globe descending on Vancouver and I think you should offer to give them tours.

    I love your new bloggie background. How festive! I'm anxiously awaiting your card and I have a special spot on my mantel for it.

    Stubby xoxo

  3. What a great adventure woo had!

    Thank woo fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: I'll share some snow if woo would like!

  4. We are very excited to watch the opening ceremonies tomorrow night! I think you should have gotten to carry the torch for a while though.


  5. Winston, what a busy day you had with your mom! How exciting to have the Olympics come to your town. We thinks some of the athletes will want to come see you though, just sayin'...

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  6. Winston,

    Wow!! You did so much in one smalls day! I hopes you enjoy the games. Mom and me are goings to watch tonights openings ceremony togethers. I will be thinkings of you Winston. And I did enjoy your log beach picture, thanks!

    Sequoia says hi too.

    Yours, Tuni

  7. Yay! Happy Valentine's Day!


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