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Thursday, October 14, 2010

los treinta y tres

Hello everypuggy

Our Green Stubby Report is postponed a few days.
We wanted to take times to recognize the rescue operations in Chile.

Mum has been to Chile and she says it is a wonderful country with a very warm and hospitable peoples.

We watched the rescue of the miners on TV.
You see, I kept Mum up two nights ago when I was being attacked by a flea. I kept scratching and whimpering cuz I could not gets it off me and it was biting my little pug butt. After the application of flea meds Mum couldn't get backs to sleeps so we settled in to watch the rescue operations of the miners.
This was at 4am PST. The rescue had just started.

As we watched we discovered somethings. That this one incident not only had a happys ending but that for a while the entire world watched and was effected by this incident.
People were transformed.
Everyone put aside their differences and came togethers.
If anything this event of these thirty three miners taught the world and proved that we can overcome war and fighting.

It brought together a world that proved we can work together in unison.
We can stop killing one another.
We can acheive world peace.

33 men had to endure 68 days of hell to prove something to the world. That we all want the same thing while we are here on earth. And that we CAN achieve this. That Peace is NOT out of reach. That we CAN all get along.

Mum says this
"Life is not a Nintendo game, we don't get 3 lives"
(this is Mum's own quote)

We dedicates this post to the miners.

Esto está dedicado a los 33 mineros chilenos


  1. Anonymous10:22

    What a wonderful post. OK, I have to admit to only glimpsing the headlines as I don't read/watch news much. Was this a coal mine? In our area, MOST of our electricity comes from burning coal (yes, I know, it's like the stone age) and every time I see a mine tragedy I feel guilty. I mean, if we didn't demand so much electricity, those poor guys wouldn't be in the mine to start with. . .
    But we're SO glad they got rescued!!
    (sorry for the rambling)

  2. Winston,
    Muy bien dicho senor.
    You are so right that this one incident injected hope and unity to the world. It was an exhilarating rescue.
    Love Noodles

  3. I love your thoughts on this, Winston. You are so, so right!

  4. Winston we hope that pesky flea isn't bothering yous anymores. We love this post (minus the fleas) and the quote is perfect.

    Tuni Woons

  5. Winston
    I am so proud of you for saying the words that are in your heart.
    You and your mom are so right,,,, I stand with you,,, that peace is possible if people just do what you say,,,, put aside their differences and accept each other.
    I hope the flea is gone now, and no more itches

  6. Well said Winston. You are right, too many people fighting. Coming together for a common goal seems so much more effective.
    World peace, except for fleas. That's what I say.

  7. Mr Winston,

    We are new followers of your blog - we found you from Those Elgin Pugs :)
    We look forward to reading more about you!

  8. Hi Winston!

    Daisy and I were watching this as well.
    It was so exciting to see all the miners make
    it out Ok after being underground for such a
    long time.

    Daisy and I hope you have a great weekend!

    -Dana & Daisy


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