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Monday, October 04, 2010

Pumpkins and Falling leaves

Hello everypuggy,
WInstons here. First I needs to say thanks to K-9 Katastrophe for the bloggy awards.

Now the funs part! 10 things abouts me, myself and I! BOL

1) I have a girlpug. Her name is Tuni. She is super cutes. I luvs her lots
2) My favourite food is LIVER!
3) I luv to play with my chuck-it
4) I hate skateboards and bark like crazy at them when I see ones
5) I lives with two older feline sisters
6) I luv sleeping in my oval shaped dog bed
7) My best pug pal is Dickens and he lives not far from me
8) I hate walking in the rain unless I have my chuckit
9) I luvs the beach
10) I luv digging in sand and dirts

Wow that was funs, thanks guys. We pass this awards to all our blogging friends.

Now on to my topic for todays...... Fall is here!

On the weekend I helped Mum in the garden. We were preparing some stuffs for the winter months. Mum calls this "winterizing the garden".

I was quietly sitting on the grass when a squirrel cames right into the yard!!!!!! Well Dickens has always taught me to bark at thems and chase thems so I did just that.

I chased him right back up that tree!! And I continued to bark for quite a while afterwards. So much that Mum actually said if I did not stops I would have to go insides.

PFT! your welcome Mum..... shesh I was just protecting yous!!

We were in the garden so longs (several hours) that my toys started to gets tired and needed a naps.

Mum said I had to stop bringing all the toys outside. I kept running in and grabbing another one. Pretty soon my whole toy box was outsides! Mum was scared they might end up in the lawn clippings bag likes last time.

(Remember this picture...... my ducky gots into the lawn bag back in June.)

On that notes.... remember our tomato plants we planted from seedlings?

Well we had such a lousy June, I mean really bads. So much rains and hardly any suns. Cuz of this most most peoples tomatoes didn't produce this years.

Here is ours

Kizzy over saw the removal of the dead tomato plants, she was shocked at the lack of fruits.

Well after all that work it was times for a walk in the trail near our house.

While I was playing chuckit, I pawsed for a break when I noticed all the leaves on the grounds around me

Mum said that it was cuz Fall is now heres!
I looked ups and I could see the green leaves were turning browns

Then I looked on the ground as we walked back homes and found lots of different coloured leaves

Looks at this near the tree trunk. A mushrooms! Mum said not to eats it as I could gets sick

Mum saw this leaf in the tree. Looks how it is turning reds.

Quick Mum...... over heres...... I found more red ones!

Wow looks at how reds they are!

So with the Fall season upon us..... Mum came homes with this for me.

What is that Mum? Oh we will carve it laters. Ok.... oh after you makes my costume, ok I can waits.

Speaking of costume..... the votes are in and looks like I will be going dressed as a bull dozer. The bull dozer costume won by a long ways!

Mum will have to get to works on it soon. She is trying to come up with the best ways to makes it.
If you gots any ideas.... Mum will be happy to hear thems.



  1. Our woofie brothers take their toys outside too. Mom has to "sweep" the yard looking for their toys. We think your costume is going to be cute!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Winston
    Thank you for sharing all those cool things about you! I love looking at that picture of you digging in the sand!
    Do you know what? This was a beautifuls story, and you made us smile so much!
    Your such a big help to your mom, to help her winterize!
    I do remember when your ducky got burried in that yard bag,,, so you must be very careful so that does not happen again,.
    Your red leaves are so pretty, and my mommmy said I cannot eat mushrooms either.
    Are you going to show us your pumpkin when it gets carved?
    oh yes,,, your gonna be a mighty cute bulldozer,,

  3. What pretty leaves Winston! Good luck on the costume.


  4. Hi!
    Love your blog!
    Nice pictures!
    Big kisses from Portugal!

  5. Oh Winston, you are such a good little helper with all of the yard work! It's so cute that you bring out all of your toys, too!!!

    Happy Fall, sweet boy!



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