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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Busy Boy in Burnaby Heights!

Hi, Winston heres.

First off,  we still have lots of Chinese New Year post cards to give aways. Let us knows if you want one and we will send it to you!
email or comment us!

Now yesterday I was busy busy busy!!

I mailed outs my valentine cards!

Here they all ares. 

Ok Mum ready to goes. Gots my cards in my bag. Let's go!

We went to Hastings Street in Burnaby to mail the cards and take in the Lion Dance plus run some errands

First stop on Hastings Street is the bakery.

MMMMM luv this place, I get treats from the staff and Mum bought me some liver snacks.

Next we head down the street to wait for the Lion Dancers

Oh here they comes!

We watched them bless one of the Chinese Restaurants.
I was not scared at all!

There was two lions and a drummer and people with flags and people handing outs fortune cookies!

Stores hung lettuce outsides for the celebrations

Here they are agains!

After we stopped to rest our legs and have some
fortune cookie and water!

This is Mum's favourite coffee shop on Hastings St.

MMMM goods fortune cookie, but Mum we should gets to a post box and mail these cards!

Of we go to find a post box.
On the way we stopped to take pics of some popular landmarks

The swinging girl..... the city just spent money fixings this sign up.
It represents the area which is called Burnaby Heights

These banners are all alongs the street. Locally designed
and represent the community.
(click to bigify)

ok Mum went a little nuts when she saw this NEW huge billboard

MMMMM Purdy's Chocolates! Canadian owned and operated
right heres in Vancouver!
(Mum's favourite is EVERYTHING!)

We finally found the post box!
We then got in the car and headed to my favourite walking trail Deer Lake.
It was such a nice afternoon for a walk.

As you can imagine I am tired todays! I am just gonna kicks back and watch the Puppy Bowl.
If you hop on over to Southern Fried Pugs they have all the
details for the Puppy Bowl.

Winston Wilburs

Now over to Kizzy for a quick words.....

Hi all, Kizzy here,
Well the fat guy wasn't the only one to send
out Luv Cards this February.

I also sent out one!!

A special somecat is gonna get a little something from Moi!

Isn't he dreamy! This is Sylvester!


Winston aka fat boy isn't the only one that is in LUV around here!
Look out Winston and Tuni, you gots competition from me and Sylvester!

later everyone!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! Go Puppies!

  2. Hellos Winston! You sure do go on lots of adventures. Not like lil old me who only has adventures to the vets and stuff BOL! We had to turn off the puppy bowl a certain pug couldn't stop barking (hint Sequoia). Have a good Sunday!!


  3. Winston, you are such a busy little puggy boy. Just look at all those valentines that you are sending out! And this big celebration with the lion dance and the bakery.Fortune cooking and upside down lettuce... how exciting is all that? No wonder you are so tired,,, (but still adorable_)

  4. live in a very cool city! We never heard of lettuce outside of stores for Chinese New Year! Thanks for sharing those cool pics with us!

    Mom mailed out our Valentines on Saturday. I don't know if you saw her FB post, but she went in to buy the stamps for the cards for Canada (and one for Ireland! ;-) and there were two morons in line ahead of her getting passports for their trip to Hawaii. When the postal lady told them they didn't need passports to go to Hawaii...the man said "I thought you needed them if yer goin' to a ferrin country!" DUUUUUUUH! Mom says she needs to go hang out inside the post office more often so she can laugh at idiots!

    We can't wait to get our valentine!


  5. What a super cool walkie yous took us's on!! Loved it!!

    We sent our cardys out too on Saturdays!!

    Lookin'foward to checkin out our mail box!
    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man


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