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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My... I mean.... OUR wonderful Valentines

Winston heres. Just a quick reminders of our Green Stubby Contest. Click here for more details on entering Tomorrow's big event.

OK NOW......
We had soooo much funs organizing and pawticipating in the card exchange.
Look at all the cards we gots.

there is still a few mores too come to us but look at the love so far.
We just want to say how much we love our friends.
Mum gets teary eyed looking at the cards cuz it displays all our long distance friends we have
and how we would never have known you if it weren't for us pugs.

My special sweetie's card arrived right on Valentine's day! How cool was that's.

But first we haves to let Kizzy brags about her luv! WHATEVER!

Hi everykitty,
It's me here to tell you all about MY VALENTINE CARD!

Yup I got one too!

I was quietly minding my own business playing with my catnip when Mum called me...

What Mum what is it? Oh something for me.... coming

Sylvester sent me a Valentine email!!!
Looks at it...
Is he not handsome or what!!!!!!
I am so in luv.
Thank you Sylvester.
I sent one to him and his momma posted it on the fridge for him to looks at all day long.
Sigh.... Did I mention that I am so in Luv!

Okay Kizzy move over back to me, now!......
Shesh CATS!!!!

ok where was I's

Everyday I would waits by the mailbox for the postman to arrives

On Valentine's Day Mum checked the mail...

She said "look Winston something for you"
See its.... the red envelope?

Mum sorted it outs...
Ikea flyer, NOPE NOT FOR ME!


OMP there it is!   OMP it's from Tuni!!!!

I got to opening it rights away

I pawsed when I saw the backs of the envelope

Ah looks "W + T",
sigh.... I am so in luvs

I randed upstairs with the card in my mouth.
I needed some privacy to reads it

I can't tell yous what she wrotes, it is for my eyes only, privates 
But yous is looking at one pug in true luv!

A Tuni Poem

You toot, I toot,
But it don't matter to me,
With my pug eye it's you I luv to see

Your cute little tail,
Your cute little face,
You make my luv sail,
You make my heart race

You and me together
You and me forevers
My dear sweet Tuni-woons
 I will always be your Winston-woons

Tuni, you had me at woof! BOL

PEE S - Thanks Sequoia, for the card too! Whatever.
(ok happy Mum?... I said it!)

Kisses and Hugs
Winston & Kizzy


  1. OMG hilarious!!! We'd love to thank you for hosting this exchange. We had such a great time!! And oh my, you card was adorable!!! I even took it to my scrapbooking event on Sunday to share with all the girls... The fawned over how cute Winston is!!!! He was quite a hit! =)

    ~The Monsters

  2. Hellos my Winston woons! I am so happys you liked my card. I loves the poem yous wrote for me! Mom said she is going to write it on the back of you photo for me to reads. Mom has to be on calls for work meet up day but she is trying to convince day to take us up to Pooch Palace to play :) Paws crossed.

    Tuni woons

  3. You and Tuni are like Edward and Bella....SIGH.... Nice to see two pugs in luvs.

    Kitty and Coco

  4. What a wonderful poem. Who knew that on top of being adorable, Tuni was also talented (well,you probably knew since you luvs her).

    Thank you so much for organizing the Valentine's exchange. We loved it too!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  5. Awwww!!! Winston!! We loves all yous cards~
    Especially 'da one from yous Tuni-Woonie! Super Sweet and we loves 'da poem you did too for her!!

    We hope yous get our cardy soon!!

    Tank yous soooo muches for organizing 'dis fun exchange! We loves pasting and coloring and using our little stickers.. not to mention sending out our pho-toes...hee hees

    yous and yous woonie women are super cutes!!

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man (s'up dude)

  6. Yous is a lucky dog! Me loved seeing the opcitures!
    Thank yous for sharing your special moment with us
    Kitty kisses


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