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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hello everypuggy,
 Today is the day.
February 17th has arrived! 

(So mum is just heading to works, she will checks everyone's posts tonight after works.)

Please feel free to copy this logo into your blog to help spread the word!

Today I am honouring my dear friend Stubby's memory. I am also turning down my thermostat by 3º to help the planet.

Mum...... turn down that thermostat and where is my sweater???

Oh here we go.... tah dah!

hmmmm I wonder if I should maybe wear my snuggie insteads?

There that way I honour Stubby and I wear the snuggie Tuni gaves me
But waits....
if I wear my sweater... that is the sweater Melissa and Emmitt sent mes....

Oh I can't decides!

you and your momma inspired us so much with your various posts on your blog abouts the environment and ideas to help us keep it green.
We enjoyed reading your posts and mum
always found your topics interesting.
I sure do miss you, my friend.
You are always in my heart and memory
even though you are no longer here on earths.
I hopes you are looking downs and smiling
at us all in our sweaters today!

This one is for you Stubby.

I have uploaded some interesting trivia from the WWF website

Keep it Green folks!
Winston Wilbur


  1. Thanks for continuing Stubby's work of keeping us green!

  2. Winston - you are ONE COOL DUDE!!!
    Love Noodles

  3. Winston! I like your new back drop...oh and we posted our sweater post :) We are staying warm in our sweaters snuggling with Mom under the blankets. I think you should layer the sweaters....M&E's first then the snuggie like a jacket :)

    Tuni Woons

  4. What a great Friend you are!!
    You look so Handsome!! (we know you love Tuni)
    We are saying you look GOOD!!
    Spongy & Licky

  5. Well, Winstons, we TRIED to pawticipate in your contest. We gave it our best shot! We hope all those sweater-wearing puggies really put a dent in their humans' carbon footprints today!

    Your buddies,
    Klaus & Natty

  6. GREAT job with all of this Winston! Stubby is surely VERY VERY proud of you for carrying on his GREEN legacy!

    You look like a big chocolate chip cookie in your Melissy sweater! NOM NOM NOM!!!!

    Thanks so much for letting us all know about Sweater Day!


  7. We pawticipated in Sweater Day! Looks like a lot of pugs did too!

  8. We pawticipated in Sweater Day!
    Everyone is looking super sexy in their sweaters!

    -Dana & Daisy

  9. Winston
    Your post and tribute to Stubby is awsome.
    All the hard work you did to organize this is so appreciated.
    Thank you for inviting all of us to share this day with you. I know Stubby is so proud of the way you display the friendship that the two of you had.
    We made a post too!

  10. Hi Winston! This is a great post! Thanks for entering us in your contest - we are so out of the loop we didn't even know there was one. Sorry about that buddy! We will have to update our blog with your awesome logo!!


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