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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dark Clouds on the Mountain

On Friday night we tooks an evening drive to Cypress Mountain.
It was a little on the cool side but no rain.......
or so we thoughts!

In the car, I sat on Mum's lap and away we wents.

Cypress Mountain is popular for skiing buts it has a cool lookout.
The lookout is where we were headed.

Dad commented on how "black" the sky looked over the mountain.

Checks this outs....

At the lookout a big dark cloud loomed overhead.
Mum popped me up on the wall for a photo with the city of Vancouver behind me.

Can you see the rain and cloud in the background?

 Um guys..... I thinks it is gonna open up and pours on us!!

Yup it did.... it just poured and poured rains.

I got smarts and headed under a tree to stay dry.

Here is the rain storm.
And it quickly ended our trip to the lookout.

Back into the car and home we wents.

Winston Wilbur


  1. Winston
    That was a MIGHTY storm! I recognized those clouds, cause they came by here,, before they got to you.
    The view in the background was spectacular. I saw the rains pouring out of your clouds...
    Did you get some thunder boomers too?
    Maybe another day you can go to the look out tower. Those towers are cool, but not so much during a down pour like you had. You were very smart to go sit under that tree!

  2. Those pictures are fantastic. Glad you were able to enjoy the rain and the scenery!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: You really weigh 38lbs of pure pug? Mack only weighs 23. I guess he is a light weight. You must be a big boy!

  3. Hi Winston! Sorry you got rained on, but those pictures are really neat looking. Maybe you can go back there on a nicer day soon.

  4. We're glad you stayed dry! It has been raining a lot at our house too.

  5. Winston, you are very brave! Sometimes we get big tropical storms that seem to come from nowhere.

  6. Winston, buddy....that looks like a perty nice place.

    So....didja pee on that tree?

    Just wonderin'.

  7. Wow - that was quite the storm! Mom's niece lives in Vancouver and talks about Cypress Mountain - we think it's not too far from where she lives...? You look very cute sitting under the tree. Sorry you didn't make it to the lookout.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  8. You were so brave in the rain, Winston. I give your peeps credit for taking you out while the skies were darkening. Momma and I got caught in a storm a few weeks ago and there was no place to hide so we walked in the rain. We got so wet that it felt like we were never going to dry out - yuk!


  9. oh my gosh!
    the skies did open up!
    what a wonderful & wild adventure!

  10. What a handsome, smart boy you are, Winston. Great adventure!


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