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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Green Stubby Report.... Bath Time

Good Day everyones!
Winston heres to talk about this month's Green Stubby Report.
Well I will start offs with...... 

Stubby. It was his 14th Birfday yesterdays!
Happy Birthday buddy!
(Visit Tiffy to see how they celebrated in Memory of Stubby)

Ok so this is how the report all started.....

Dad tooks me to pick up Mum from her exercise class. While waiting in the car I enjoyed some head scratches and ear rubs.

Mum gots into the car and Dad said.....
"hmmm Winston smells like dog, he is a little smelly"

Well that did its!
 (thanks Dad!!!)
Mum whisked me home and into the dreaded bath!!!!

Mum gots the tub filled and prepared my blue towel, treats and Shampoo.

Let's talks Canine Shampoo today!

I use Earthbath.
It is earth friendly.
The company does NOT test on animals.

Mum gets me the one for Light Coloured furs.

 This is what they say abouts their product.....

We blended a special selection of natural minerals (known as optical brighteners) with the essence of lavender. This wonderfully aromatic and mild shampoo naturally brightens the coats of any dog or cat with light colored markings or highlights. Additionally, it is safe for any colored coat and will leave your best friend's coat shiny, soft, plush, and smelling naturally fresh. Will not wash off topical flea applications. Safe for all animals over 6 weeks. Soap free.

If you wants more info abouts their great earth friendly products please stop and visit their website

Once I am ins the tub...
(this is a huge efforts on Mum's part as I weight 38 lbs and Mum has to lifts me in.
We don't use the people bathtub anymore on account that my furs clogged the drain! This being very expensives cuz it meant a call to the Plumber!)

Mum wets up my furs....

Then she lathers in the shampoo being carefuls not to gets anything in my eyes or ears.

(Note: see the shampoo lathers just a littles not too much which is goods for me and the environment)

I gets a massage, then it is time to rinse.
In between processes I gets snacks and lots of "good boy"

After the rinse cycle I am ready to gets out.....
um, another treat first Mum?

Oh hold ons... I have to gets my ears cleaned first
out comes the cotton pads and warm water...
(this part is kinda gross, close yer eyes if you don't like dirty ear wax!)


ok here it is!

my ear cleaning!

Gross eh?

Mum then takes this cloth...
you may remember these from my Green Stubby reports a while backs
 ( Click heres if you want to reads abouts that report)

She gives me what she calls..... "the face and wrinkle wash"

I hates this part  the most!!!!!!
Do any of you out there hate it too?

Okays, now I can gets out and towel dried offs
I get overly excited and run in circles and try to bites the towel.

Mum dishes outs the last of the treats and more "good boy"

Look who is one handsome fresh smelling pugger!!!!!

I was curious, what kind of shampoo you use for bath time?

Well I have to wraps it ups now.....

This concludes this months edition of
The Green Stubby Report

Keep it Green everypuggy!

Mum has just madly sprinted downstairs to attend to the girls
They have been outside for a long times.....
Mum just tooks this picture

What is going ons?
Stay tuned for our next post....
What has got Tika so enthralled with the maple tree?

Winston Wilbur


  1. Stubby would be proud! Can't wait to hear about the girls.

  2. We don't like baths were a very good doggie! (I guess the treats help.)

    Because we have so many itches, we use a special oatmeal shampoo.

    Boy, you sure are a big boy pug!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Oo la la Winston you must smells so nice! Sequoia and I use an oatmeal shampoo. Its the color of our fur BOL! We hope to see you Sunday. Oh my ears are that gross too!

    Tuni Woons

  4. Hi Winston,,,
    Now that you talking about baths,, my moms think I need one!!!
    You got your mom trained good to give you all those treats!!!
    My shampoo is some kind of lavender for doggies.
    I have never heard of the kind you have,, but I think it would smell good.
    I don't like my nose or wrinkles washed either, and not my ears, but it all must be done- right?
    This was a great post!

  5. Winston, you look handsome, fresh and clean! I never had a bath before. It looks sort of refreshing.

  6. Hi Winston
    We're furiends and I know our furiendship will NOT suffer because you love the Canucks and loves loves LOVES the Sharks. Here's to a Grrrrrreat Western Conference Finals.
    Love SJ SHARKIE Noodles

  7. Hi Winston! We happened to be pretty stinky ourselves and received baths the other day too. Mom uses a soap called woodie-poo. It is made by a lady that they get all of their soaps from on a farm near our house.
    I love the way it makes me smell, but fleas and ticks don't so they tend to stay away. It has all natural ingredients that make my fur even softer than it already is. Their are a bunch of different essential oils in it too. I think Stubby would approve.

  8. Hi Winston,, I just got a bath,, the name of my shampoo was Perfect Coat Natural Oatmeal Shampoo..
    My moms tried this shampoo, to see if I itch less.

  9. What a great post, Winston! I just know that Stubby would approve of the shampoo but not the bath because Momma said he hated baths!

    I haven't had a bath since I've been here so Momma is going to check out that shampoo. I've told her that I don't need a bath but she is convinced I'm stinky and that I probably have lots of ear wax, too - yuk!

    Thanks for keeping it green!


  10. I hate to have a bath too!
    But you're simply lovely!!
    Woof, woof,



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