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Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Maple Tree...... Intruders

Hi everyones, Winston heres.
 So I guess yous is all wondering abouts what got the girls all excited? Well before I tells you I want to say that lots of yous commented on your shampoo for bath times. Oatmeal seems to be very populars.

Ok so the tree......

The girls luvs to go outs into the garden. They just likes to sit and gaze around or roll around in the catnip garden. Well the other day Mum went to check ups on them from the upstairs bedroom window.  As you may remember.... this is what Mum saw....

Mum ran down to the livingroom window to gets a better view.

 I was wondering, where the heck Kizzy was!!!!

From the livingroom view.......
Oh look there is Kizzy, she luvs to sit under this tree. But what is she watching?

looks in the maple above Tika...... SQUIRREL!
He is hidding in the branches.

Tika says enoughs is enoughs, I am bored of this.
(Mum says Tika is a terrible stalker anyways, I mean she sits right out in the opens, bolt upright swishing her tail, right up in front of the squirrel.... not much camouflage if you asks me!)

Kizzy on the other hand is a fabulous stalker!
Looks at her technique, low to the ground, silent, no swishing tail, hidden under tree and not moving a muscle except for her eyes.

Oh looks,
the squirrel has come down from the tree. I guess it figured all is good now that Tika has left.

Oh now it moves to the grass. Looking for the fallen bird seeds

Hey what is that rustling aboves?
OMP looks 2 more squirrels!!!!

Oh looks now.... one of the squirrel pals has joined his buddy in the search for seeds

Oh this is very exciting for Kizzy!

she crouches even lower

The two pals investigates further into the grass

Hey look at him goes... getting closer to Kizzy!
Wait.... he spots Kizzy!

"Run away, Run away" he yells... "quick retreats, retreats".... "all squirrels back into the tree NOW!"
Hey what is that noise?
Mum is tapping on the window!
Mum blew its for Kizzy.
That tapping scared the squirrels aways!

(Mum says that she won't allow Kizzy to catch anything, Years ago..... Kizzy cornered a squirrel once, in the yard, between the bushes but Mum intervened and it gots away. Oh boy was Kizzy mads!)
Well Kizzy is mad that Mum just tapped on the windows! 
 Kizzy came inside and gave mum a **raspberry**

 Kizzy complains that it isn't often she gets a chance to practice stalking and Mum has to ruin it alls!!!!!

Mum says....."really Kizzy, thinks about it..... what would you have done if you had cornered 3 squirrels?"

Winston Wilburs
PEE S - 
**Triple spy filters activated**
For all the boys out theres.... I just received Sluggo's report on the Sunflower Social. We will review it this weekend.
** Triple spy filters de-activated**


  1. Oh, Kizzy, you are a master stalker. Why is it that Mom's love to ruin all the fun. I am the stalking type. Brigitte is the chaser. Some day we'll have to talk about all the ways in which I am catlike. I think you will approve.

    PS my mom says she love your Moms garden.

  2. what fun! Mack and I love to chase squirrels. Hu-mom asked us what would we do if we caught a squirrel. Well, our squirrels are too fast and too smart to get caught!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Oh girls, you were so close! You wouldn't have done anything to those poor squirrels, huh? You just wanted to PRACTICE stalking, right?

  4. Gosh that was a close encounter for the squirrels.
    But you girls have some skills that still work..
    If that happened to my kat brothers and sisters,,, moms would be tapping on the window too


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