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Monday, August 08, 2011

Christmas explosion in July!

Hi everypuggy, Winston heres.
You will never believe its but some packages arrived for us a while backs.

Oh Winston...... tell them why we got the presents..

Nevermind I will. 

Hi everykitty, Kizzy here.
We pawticipated in Christmas in July.
It was hosted by the gang at Purrs and Snorts 
(thanks guys for organizing this fun event!)

Anyway we were paired up with a fellow Canadian... Fuzzy Tales, stop by and check out their site... Nicki and Derry are 2 totally dreamy felines! ahh sigh, so handsome....

akh em.... excuse me, my mind wandered for a second.
Oh yes where was I....
Now since they are felines I will take command of this post.... shove over Winston.

Ok picture heavy so sit back and enjoy!
Wow look at what the mailman delivered!
One package for Winston and one for us girls!

Winston opened his first

Um Kizzy..... let me just  say that I thoughts at first this was the gift for you girls! I mean isn't that your litter you use. But Mum said no, it had my name on it.
(shh don't interupt Winston!)

Ok so once the box was opened Winston went right to it opening his gifts

It was filled with lots of totally cool dog stuffs. Toys and treats. He got totally spoiled!

Yah, well for the record you girls got totally spoiled too!
 (WINSTON! your interupting again!)

Winston got so excited opening his gifts and boy look at the mess he made!!!!
Looks like Christmas exploded in the livingroom!

Mum gathered up some of the items to take a picture of the goods.

Ok so enough about the pug.... now onto us girls

Like Winston... we also got a card. Ours had cats on it!
Mum is a tad embarassed abouts this as SHE did not put a card in our gifts to the boys. Good going Mum!!!!!!

That is me Tika.... I helped Mum open the box. Then I decided that maybe we should go upstairs where it was a little quieter and cleaner!

Winston was so wound up and thought everything was for him. So we left him chewing on his new bone toy and headed upstairs....

Once upstairs I read the card out to Kizzy and Mum

Look at the goods!!!! The green wrapped stuff is ours the others are for Mum

We opened the gifts one at a time and did NOT make half the mess Winston did!

OMC catnip oh this is the best kind ever! How did those boys know I luved catnip?

Here we are Tika and me checking out the catnip

Hey Tika... I think I gotta buzz from that nip!

Oh and boys thank you so much for the box it was pawsome we played in it for quite sometime!

Even Tika had a turn and she also luved it!

I, Tika, just wanna say that my sister Kizzy totally misses the point of a "mouse pad".
It is not a pad to place your new toy mice on!!!!!!

Here is a picture of all the goods, including the picture frame and mouse pad for Mum
We got lots of treats and toys we just couldn't decide what to play with first!

Ok now here is footage of us opening our gifts.
First is Winston then us girls

We want to say a HUGE thank you to Derry and Nicki and their momma for the wonderful gifts.
Christmas definitely exploded in our house and we were completely spoiled!

Wow all this excitement has tuckered me out!!
Good night everykitty!


  1. The 3 of you make me laugh! Looks like you had a blast opening all those presents. It's one of my favorite things to do too. What a cool idea for a gift exchange!

  2. Our post is scheduled for tomorrow, guys, no video, though. We know you grow your own nip, but we love those catnip buds, so wanted to send some on anyway. :-)

    Christmas in July was fun--a bit tough to guess what you all might like versus what you already have--but still a great time.

    Thanks so much and as we said, look for our post tomorrow (Wednesday).

    -Nicki and Derry

  3. Wow! Look at all of those cool pressies!!

    We are going to go check out Nicki & Derry's Blog right now :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  4. Anonymous10:50

    Wowwie Zowwie! Yous is lucky cats and pug! Wes loved the videos (well, Mommy loved the videos). Sure a big difference between cats and doggies.

  5. Christmas in July sounds like an awesome idea! You and your kitties do a great job opening your pressies. You must have lots of practice.

    Hu-mom was laughing at the gusto Winston uses.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. oh my gosh!
    look at those goodies!
    what fabulous gifts!
    a & m

  7. Anonymous18:55

    Hi Girls Sequoia heres....what great gifts! Love the mouse pad hahaha. Oh Emma says hi. Tuni is still looking at Winstons's pictures...he is messy.

    The Girls

  8. Merry Christmas! You guys really raked in the loot!

  9. You guys got the mother load for sure! I think Christmas in July is a great idea. Too bad Momma missed it because I would have loved some new clothes. Maybe next year?



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