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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hazel Wrap Up

Well Hazel has returned home.
And I have taken two tylenol and gotten back to "my normal" as the commercial says!

I do miss her, I admit, a little.
Mum and Dad miss her tons.

So here are some pics from the weekend adventures.

On this past Friday, Dad tooks Hazel and me to Mum's work.
We had lunch with Mum.
Naturally Hazel and I went into immediate begging modes.

Here is Hazel in the car as we head back home after lunch
Mum luvs this picture!
I am in the back.... Mums says I am such a gentlepug letting the lady sit up front!

Saturday Morning was pug meet up at the beach. Hazel and I met ups with our friends.
That is me on the left, Babette, and Hamlet on the right.

 Hazel on the beach

I went in the water and played ball

Oh my pugness!!!
Look who went in the water!
Hazel went in up to her mid leg.
I was super prouds of her for going ins.

On the car ride home in the convertible. Looks at Hazel using Me as a pillow!

Later that day Mum took Hazel on a walk to the Central Park in Burnaby.
I was tired and needed rest (senior pug, don't forgets!) so Hazel went solo.

Mum gots a pic of her beside these pretty Flanders Poppies.

Close ups of the poppies
(Mum thinks that Poppy is a totally pawsome name for a pug)
Hazel had a good times staying with us. Her pawrents had a good holiday.  But they were all totally happy to see each other agains.

The only thing good about being back to our normal routine is that now I can get back to sleeping ins. No more mad dash to gets up and get Hazel out for wee wee.

Mum says that it is ridiculous that I have to sleep ins all the times.
Mum can be up having breaky and I am still in bed upstairs.....
PFT....... I say, whatever!
(did I mentions "Senior pug"?)

Winston Wilbur


  1. Hi Winston,
    I have to admit, having another pug around has it's bennies. But do savor your alone time. I totally sleep in every morning. No need to move until there is a reason. I.e. food! Don't these humans realize the intellectual energy it requires to run these clubs? Rest is crucial.
    I myself have recently embraced thesoothung and cooling effects of water during my vaca. I went chest deep in the ocean, where I never even liked to get my paws damp.
    I am told that if I was a boy, my name may have been Poppy. Not for the flower, but for the Latin loveresque, ooooh Poppy origins!
    Have a great weekend. Sluggo says he has something for you, whatever. I'll let him tell you later.

  2. Oh, Winston...that Hazel is a cutie, but I'm with you...sleeping in is where it's at! You will have to meet up with her soon at a meet-up or play date. I love the pic of the two of you in the convertible where she is using you for a pillow!

  3. It looks like you had lots of fun with Hazel!! It's fun to have someone to play with. I'm still learning how to play nice sometimes. Momma gets a little cautious when Maddie tries to play with me because I get growly once in a while!! She says I'll get it eventually though!!
    Yes, she does like to take pictures!! That flash is always going. So she and your momma are on the same page there!! =)



  4. Bye Hazel we will miss your fun adventures! We hope you visit again or have your own blog soon. I agrees with you Winson Woons I am a senior pug and I sleep all day long....really! Its hard being old you know with these young things causing noise playing and stuffs. I am glad to see you RSVP for the meet up...its Mom's first host as meet up person. Hope its nice that day.

    Tuni Woons

  5. Hi Winston
    Your probably already in bed getting caught up on your sleepys.
    I think what a great time you had with Hazel.
    That was so cute of you both in the water!
    And I love that you are such a confortable pillow to rest a head on.
    My moms think your momma takes grat photos.. the poppies and Hazel are beautiful.

    Nitey nite


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