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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pssst..... I gots a secret!

PSSST.... hey..... over heres......

It's me Winston.

I needs to tell yous all somethings. Before I posts the pictures from Pug o ween.

I need to tells you that on this day many many many moons ago......

Mum entered the worlds!

Yup, rights on Halloween. Pretty scary huh?

I mean, to decide to enter into the world when witches and ghosts are flying around!!

Mum was so braves!

Happy Birthday Mum!

Ok now here are the pictures from Burnaby Pugs Pug o ween!!!

There were so many pugs dressed ups but cuz we hosted Mum didn't start getting pictures until near the ends. There was way more people and pug in costume then you will see in these photos!

BFF - Dickens and Me!

Well gotta run nows.....
Mum says we are having birthday cake now!

Winston Wilbur


  1. Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday Winston's Mum!


  2. Happy Birthday Winston's Mum!! And such great pics from PugOWeen! Hope you get lots of treats tonight (along with your mum), Winston!

  3. Happy Howl-o-ween!

    And a very Happy Birthday to your Mom...ours is really really old...she knows what vinyl records are!

  4. Happy Birthday Mom!!! It's your day, but don't be skeeeered,,,, cause your brave!
    We loved looking at all the costumes! Too cute- all those puggys are!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. What a great PugOWeen party! Oh, go enjoy your birthday cake with your mom (and happy birthday to her!)! Happy Halloween!

  6. Happy birthday, Winston's mom!
    Wow, what a lot of pugs! Hope you got lots of treats and had a great time!

  7. Happy birfday to your Mom!!! And happy halloween to you all!!!

    the girls

    extra hugs from Tuni

  8. Belated happy birthday to your mum and belated happy Halloween!

  9. oh how fun!
    happy happy birthday to your mum and happy halloweenie!

    a & m

  10. Happy (belated) Halloween and Birthday to your Mum! Did you enjoy the birthday cake Winston? I hope you had a spooktacular Halloween! You look amazing in your costume, so Boo-tiful! I like all the pug-o-ween photos, that's a lot of Pug mugs in one photo! So many fab costumes but yours was deffo the best! Love and PHUGS Frank x x x x x

  11. Anonymous06:35

    OMP, I am SO SAD we missed Pugoween this year! (we missed it in BOTH cities!). But HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) to your Mom, and big pug snuffles to you, handsome Winston.

  12. looks like you had a blast at PugOween! You looked so awesome in your zamboni costume!

    We hope mom had a great birthday and you gave her lots of pug snooters!


  13. Winston,
    This here is Sluggo. First of all, a very happy belated birthday to your Mum. Secondly, I can't believe what those girls have gone and done. It is a good thing we are always one step ahead of them. By the way, you did a great job in the interview. (go over and check out Wil's blog,mans you will understand)


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