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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I unveil..... the Zampugi! My Halloween Costume for 2011

Hi Everypuggy

Winston heres

Here it is!
My Halloween costume for this years. I am a Zampugi (the pug version of the Zamboni).
Dad made it for me. Mum was gonna have me be an army tank but that didn't works out so we settled on the Zampugi.

I went down to Bellingham Pug meet across the border for the Pug-o-ween there. If you want to see photos from that event check outs Tuni's blog

Tah dah.... I gives you The Zampugi!

Here I am in costume

A view of the back
Um..... does it make my butt looks big?

A close ups of the side. Of course I HAD to be a Vancouver Canucks Zampugi!!!!

Here is one more of me.

There were some slight wardrobe malfunctions but Mum hads a stapler handy so everything went well.

As we can't make it to The Seattle Pug Rescue Pug-o-ween this year (Mum has school, her midterm exam that day) we have decided to host our first annual Burnaby Pugs Pug-o-ween next Sunday.

Mum even mades a logo for it.

It is gonna be so much funs.
I even helped Mum prepare the goody bags!
I will post pics from the event.

I am off to clean some ice now....
Winston Wilbur


  1. Awesome costume!! We love it so much.

  2. Love's it!!!!!!!!!!!! You look awesome Winston. I only wish your boy Sluggo would lighten up about costumes. We could have some fun with him!

  3. Winston, your humans are terribly clever and creative, but don't tell them we cats said so!

  4. What an awesome costume, Winston! I think you are going to win every contest you enter.

    That is so cool that your mum organized a pug-o-ween celebration in Burnaby. Do you think she can talk my mom into organizing one in my town? I still don't have a costume but that's okay because I don't have anywhere to go. Help! I can't be costumeless and partyless on Halloween!


  5. Winston, you make an excellent Zampugi! I know you'll rock them at the Burbaby Pug-O-Ween!

  6. Winston, adorable...simply adorable! That is an awesome going to win first place in any contest, for sure!

  7. Now THAT is one cool costume! You look awesome in the Zampugi!

  8. Cus
    HOCKEY, HOCKEY, HOCKEY. HOCKEY, HOCKEY, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey, Hockey . . . .

    GR8 costume Winston.
    Love Noodles

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog Winston! I just love new friends! I've got that treat thing figured out, I just scream and Mom caves in. I have to tell you I love the way your tail curls up over the back of your costume! What a great costume!

  10. That is an awesome costume, Winston ... tell your pawrents they did very well on this one!

  11. You look awesome Winston! Can't wait to see pictures of your party, too!
    Good luck to your mom on her school stuff. It's hard balancing it all, but she can do it!

  12. That is a very creative costume

  13. Winston OMP you look so good in your costume. So originals too your Dad did a great job. Your going to be spooktacular at the party.

    Many hugs

  14. Hi there. We're stopping over from the blog hop.

    That's a very creative costume idea. I recently saw a photo of tow Dachshunds dressed up like school buses. Vehicle costumes must be a trend this year :)

    Also cool that you are getting people together in your area for a Halloween party. We aren't doing anything special for Halloween but we organize the Adventureweiner Club of Seattle (for adventurous Dachshunds) so we know how much work can go into it.

    Happy Tails and Trails

  15. Winston - you always have the BEST costumes! We were so looking forward to the Burnaby Pugoween, but we had to change or plans. We'll see you soon, though, I hope!

  16. Winston - you look great in your costume! Your dad did an excellent job on it :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  17. Winston you look incredible! What a wonderful costume. You are gunna win paws down for sure! I want a pug-o-ween in my area it would be fab and I enjoy Halloween soo much! I wish you good luck and hope you have a really fun time! Love and pHUGS Frank x x x x

  18. Hi Winston,
    Mom can't stop laughing. She says this is the best costume ever. Paws down, you will be the winner!

  19. oh my gosh winston!
    you make the best zambipug ever!


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