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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Suntanning... can we be trusted?

Hi everypuggy,

Mum is still sorting outs the rest of her trip photos.

We aren't ready to post mores so... I decided to post about my sun tannings the other day.

Mum was vacuuming the car while I sat, sun tanned and barked at some kids playing.

I must say...  I do think I looks handsome heres

This heres is Sam Cooper, insides the house bouncing in the window and barkings.

He tried to suntans but Mum saids my barking kept setting him offs.

I bark then he barks.

Mum says he has no idea whats he is barking ats either! He just barks cuz I do.

The next day we sun tanned some mores.
(can you believes it! we had two days in a row of suns and no rains)

This time the street was quieter so I did not have anythings to barks at.

Here we are...

me sitting on the grass and Sam Cooper tied to the carport post.

Can you guess who is the "untrustable" one

Me and Sam catching sun rays

Yup, Sam is!

I sit on the grass and chill BUT...  Sam Cooper can't be trusted, he has to be leashed to the post. 

Mum says a big dog walking by will send Sam Cooper chasing.

He stirs up trouble with big dogs, thus making him an "untrustable"!!

I means if you wants to see Sam in actions... check outs Lola pug's blog.

Don't let his innocent looks fool you!

So I ask you this... are you a "trustable" or an "untrustable"?

Winston Wilbur,
Having funs in the sun!


  1. That is such a complex question a nd depending on the situation. Lets Bob and Norbert can be trusted to walk politely on leash, not Weasley. Bob cannot be trusted in the yard to not bark at the neighbors, neither can Weasley. Tubby and Ping are pretty ok when the neighbor dog goes by. Mom could go on, Weasley is pretty untrustable over all and everyone else it depens on situation We bet Sam gets more trustable as he gets older

    urban hounds

  2. Hi SC - you are one handsome fella and totally a trustable in my book!!

    Pugs, Kisses & Love,

    Ellie <3

  3. I'm trustable, I dont walk far from my Mum and I like to sun myself in the garden but put food in to the picture and I soon become untrustable!!!!
    I love the first photo of you Winston Wilbur and the last photo of Sam Cooper, you both are just too cute! Enjoy the sun my furiends!
    Love and Licks from your Puggy Pal Frank xxxxxx

  4. We are "somewhat" trustables, Winston. We eventually go home after we take offz, but... when something happens, we gotta chase, we gotta run, even mama screams her head off to get our attention. Ahhh, part of the game called, "catch me if you can", we love it.


  5. Winston you have such good posture and are so handsome! Sam Cooper has a lot to learn from you, after all he is just a young rascal.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  6. we are both untrustables...for has chased me in the heat of the summer, and in 6 foot of snow before she learned her lesson, and maggie is such a dietz that there is no way jose that mom will ever let her off her leash unless we are in alcatraz. (our outside pen)
    stella rose

  7. Oh, Winston, you do look mighty handsome sunbathing! SC makes me laugh. ;-)

  8. You are one handsome puggie, Winston! Sam is untrustable for now, but maybe he'll get better? Riley is still pretty much untrustable, and since we live in a big city she has to always be on her leash because there's just too much traffic around that a curious pup might get into. Glad you had a couple days without rain! (Go Blackhawks!) (Sorry, couldn't resist :p)

  9. Winston your really soaking in those sun rays-- you will teach Sam Cooper- how to do it - I just know.

  10. Oh Winston you are so trustworthy! Sam Coop well um he is um young yeah let's say young ;)

  11. Tallulah and Petunia are 100% untrustable outside of a fence. They have been known to jerk on the leash too. Isabelle is only trustable because she can't see so well and can't run fast. None of us get to hang out in the front yard unless we are in a pen or something.

  12. We are all untrustables ... There is so much to see and do out there we just want to go explore!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney


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