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"I am a happy pug therefore.... I am a smiling pug"! My mum is called Smilingpug... after me! Because of her love of animals and nature, she is a Buddhist and a vegetarian (thank god). She is most inspired by the Dalai Lama. We live on the West Coast of Canada and I share my home with my two older feline sisters Tika and Kizzy and my NEW little brother Sam Cooper who... is all the way from MidSouth Pug Rescue in Tennessee!! I am 11 and I don't walk to well anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't get around! Welcome to my blog.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Our New Wally Inspired Security System

This post was inspired by Walter. Anyone who has been following his blog knows what happened to him. He darted out his door and got hit by an SUV. Mum was insistent that she post these pics today even though I had another story in mind. The pics below show the new "Wally Inspired" security system. We have a covered porch at the front of our townhouse but it is not fenced in. A couple of times I have wandered down the drive and out into the street. Of course I felt this was justified as a skateboard or stranger was going past my home and needed to be told who is in charge here! Mum does not see it that way and gets very upset with me. One day recently she came home with these black metal parts. There was a lot of excitement in the air as she went about assembling and installing them in the front of the porch. They are about 2 feet high and high enough to keep me in! She said something about purchasing them at a place called "Canadian Tire". You apparently buy them in separate pieces based on the length you need, and the gate opening piece is sold separate too so you can be creative and have several gate openings or just one. Now she can open the front door and not worry about me darting down the drive after something or another that happens to pass by that I feel needs barking at. We now call this the "Wally gate". My best pug pal, Dickens, came over the other day and I heard his Dad comment on how terrific an idea it was. He said it keeps Dickens from wandering while he and mum chat at the doorway. Mum says she highly recommends it, she says it is worth the $115.00 she spent at this Canadian Tire shop which I really couldn't care less about as it doesn't have the word "pet" in the name. So...... here is to you Wally!


  1. WOW! we are honored and impressed by this gate! you installed it YOURSELF?


  2. I think your mom is very smart to install a gate like that, Winston! And you're all so sweet to name it after Walter. One little puggie getting hurt while wandering outside is one puggie too many! This will keep you safe and you can still show who's boss to all those ner do wells who ride skateboards or whatever near your home. :)

  3. That's a very good idea. We are impressed that your mom installed this all by herself.

    Yoda & Brutus

  4. Extremely good idea! Gotta keep our loved safe and sound! We women can do anything when we put our mind to it or that's what I tell myself anyway! Installing safety gates included, nice job!!

  5. That is one smart momma!!!! She did a very good job of fencing you in. But you can still bark at the skate board people and be seen so it's a win win!!!



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