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Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday (pug) Party recap

Hi everypuggy!
Wow I had a super good time yesterday. Dickens and his Mum and Dad came. My friends Hamlet and Babette and their Mum. And my grand pawrent came too!

We all gathered at my house. After the hellos and bum sniffs we then decided, with the rain startings, we would take a walks in the Graveyard by my house (closer) rather than Deer Lake. We were good puggers staying on the pavement and not running on the graves. Here is us on our walkies.

All 4 of us near the fountain

Babette and Me

Just Me (birthday boy)

crossing over the road

Hamlet heading down the steps

Babette and Hamlet

Babette and Hamlet and Dickens

Hamlet and Babette and their Mum. Dickens and his Dad heading through the neighbourhood back home

Once at home Mum gots the snacks ready. There was chocolate cake and pie for the peoples and liver heart shaped cakes for us puggers. Mum bought me my favourite liver heart shaped cake from Big Dog Little Dog Bakery .

Here is a pic of my cake. Made just for dogs. We each gots our own heart.

I couldn't handle the snacks being placed on the table. Here I am waiting for my cake.

See those square boxes beside me on the table. Those are the heart cakes each one came in a separate box. YUMMY!

Mum placed us all in the kitchen and let us go to it. There was no squabbling over cakes we quietly ate our cakes. Well ok there was lots of snorting and licking sounds but that was it!

Babette and her cake

Dickens and Hamlet


Me! I licked all the icing off first then Mum cut up the cake part for me to eat.
Guess what Mum is doing today? Yup you guessed right.... washing the kitchen floor! BOL

After cake the peoples got to eat their cake and have coffee. Then came the prezzies. Mum did not take footage of my gift opening as I had to have her help me. I was crazy excited and out of control. Dickens Mum got pictures but we haven't seen them yets.

Here I am with my gifts. Lots of snacks and toys.

After all the excitements and walk we got sleepy.

Babette falling asleep

Hamlet lounging on the couch

I started to nod off after I finally realized the treats had been put away.

Here I am sitting with Dickens' Mum. I luvs her lots. I am getting sleepy!

Dickens and his Dad.

Oh man we were tired! Everypuggy crashed just before it was time to go home.

It was good times! I even got an 8 ball from Dickens because I am now 8! BOL

Ok this last thing is for Tuni, my luvs.

Mum went into Petsmart to get Kibble and guess what she noticed near the check out counter? We now gets Carry Outs Pizza Flavour in Canada!!!!!!!! Looks she gots me some.

Here they are called something a little different but it is the same thing, made by the same company. We do get Snausages "Carry Outs" here but they are beef and chicken flavour only. Mum thinks the pizza ones don't say "Carry Outs" cause they can't fit the "Carry Outs" text on in english and french along with the rest of the text.

(Mum thinks this cause she is a graphic artist and works in label packaging. She says this is always a problem in Canada. Cramming all this marketing text onto a package that must be in French and English!) .

So that was my party and I an pooped today. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Now stay tuned to my blog as in the coming weeks I will be posting some special edition posts (not my birthday even though that is special edition!)
Nope this is my "Winston's Olympic Posts". Mum and I will be taking in some of the free local events and posting the happenings taking place right heres in my home town.

Stay Tuned for the Vancouver 2010 Winston Winter Olympics


  1. Anonymous12:07

    Oh wow it looks like you guys had an awesome time, sorry we couldn't make it. :(

    Haha I can't wait to read your olympic posts.. i will have to check out our local events too because apparently Surrey is a venue city as well.

  2. Anonymous12:54

    Wow! That was quite a Birthday you had! Looks like loads of fun...and a whole cake EACH!? Wow.

  3. Hi Winston! What a pawsome birthday party! How cool to hang out with your friends, eat treats, and get pressies. Too bad we don't have birthdays every month.

    I can't wait to read your reports on the Winter/Winston Olympics. It's so exciting that they are in your home town.

    Stubby xoxo

  4. Happy 8th birthday my friend!! Was your birthday the same as mine? How special are we??


  5. What a great birfdays Winston! The walkie looked exhausting, I likes to roll in my stoller. There is rooms for you in my stroller don't worries!

    I was excuiteds to see you get the pizza carry-outs, its funny to see it called somethings different yet the sames!

    Happy birfdays again,
    Pug hugs Tuni!

  6. Hi Winston!

    Happy Birthday! Looks like
    you had a great time with all
    of your friends! And the birthday
    snacks look delicious!
    Penny and I hope you
    have a great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  7. What a fun birthday party you had!
    Look at that liver cake.
    YUM YUM.
    And then a birthday walk and birthday presssys.
    Wow how special is this!
    I am so glad you had a Happy Birthday

  8. Looks like your birthday was a blast and those heart shaped cakes looked very yummy.

    We can't wait to read your Olympic updates :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. hi winston!
    omd! what a party! emmitt and i so wish we could have come over to help you celebrate. your prezzies and cakes were amazing!
    happy happy birthday again!
    m & e

  10. Winston you had an awesome pawsome got lots of prezzies and a wonderful cake! What a great day!

  11. WOW!!!! We just checked in, what a smashing birthday you had little adorable one!


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