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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bored but cozy!

Hi everypuggy,
Today was super borings! It rained and rained and rained. Mum is sick of the rains and short days (she hates January). I am just sick of rains.... time to bring out the ark I thinks.

Mum gots the fireplace going. While she read I snuggled in on the blanket. Here I am snoring big times on top of Mum's legs. Dad could hear me all the way in the basement.

Word gots out that the fireplace was going so Kizzy arrived. She luvs the fireplace. She luvs the warmth.

Mum decided it was time for a cup of tea. When I heards the kettle whistle, I sat ups. I was a bit sleepy.

I noticed Tika had also arrived to enjoy the fire. She was curled up behind Mum's head. (Mum was sitting on the floors, I thinks she does that so I can lounge on her.)

I saw Mum come in with the mug and immediately gots up. A mug in hand usually means that there will be treats coming out. Here is my very focused look. I am focusing on Mum and the treats she has. Mum sometimes says she thinks I don't even blinks!

Yup I was rights. It was my treats from Tuni, pizza flavoured carry outs.
Muzzle smacking delicious!

(Now Winston is farting up a storm.... I think, from those treats combined with his dried liver treats from the morning.... mental note to self)


Anyways..... where was I? Oh yeah, in case you were asking..... yup, Initially, when Mum gots up to go and put on the kettle, I did not move a muscle I was so cozy!


  1. I know you guys are bored, but that does look pretty cozy. We're expecting a pretty good rain storm this afternoon. Unfortunately we don't have a nice warm fireplace like you guys though.

    Snorts and farts,
    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  2. There's very little better than a warm blankie, a warm mom and a nice treat to warm a puggie's heart on a cold rainy day. It looks like you and the kitties had a nice cuddling day with mom!

  3. Winston,

    You looks cozy in your blanket by the fires. I never have layed by a fire but it looks toasty warms.

    Oh I farts all the time Winstons so it might be the treats. Mom can't believe how much I toots! No worries about being gasy :)

    Pug hugs, Tuni

  4. What a khozy scene!

    I bet the khats were the ones doing the farting!


  5. so snugly and warm! you are a lucky lil pug!

  6. Anonymous10:10

    I am so jealous, I would love a fireplace.. i think Indy would climb into it though! :) She loves the warmth too.

    Haha mixing treats can create toxic gas Poor Winston!


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