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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

MMMM, I am a chocolate chip cookie!

Hello everypuggy, oh a special hellos to my Tuni.

Today something specials arrived. We have been waitings for it since the Seattle Pug Gala. Mum came home and found this at the doors.

It was a package for me! Mum showed me that something had come for me, then I set about to opening it right aways. I was super excited.

(Ohhhh Tuni, looks to the right on the tables.... see its! Yup..... it is your picture!)

OMD is it what I think it is...... OMD it is, it is. I gots my very own sweater vest from Melissa. I so very much liked Emmitt's that I wanted one of my very own.

Here I am posing in my new vest. Mum picked out the "chocolate chip cookie" design. I sure luvs it and especially since it is named after a food! BOL

(Mum says she ordered me the biggest size Melissa makes. Good things too, it JUST fits me. I am a very big pug. I mean REALLY big, not fats, just plain big. We never met a pug as big a me before. Some have come close but not the same size as me. I am 14 inches tall from toe to shoulder. People sometimes thinks I am a small bull dog I am so bigs for a pug.)

Looks, it is tongue licking goods! BOL!

Until next times.....
Winston Wilbur


  1. Oh Winston, you make a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie!!!!!

  2. Hi Winston! You are the most handsome chocolate chip cookie ever! Tuni is going to go crazy when she sees you in your sweater vest. In fact all the ladies are going to go crazy!

    I never realized you were such a big puggie. I have no idea how tall I am or how long I am but I do know that I'm getting skinny. Mom and Dad never feed me so please don't wear your sweater vest around me or I might try to eat you!

    Stubby xoxo

  3. Anonymous03:21

    What a CUTE sweater vest!! I bet you can't wait to show it off at the beach.

  4. hi winston!

    i am so glad the sweater vest arrived!!!!

    it made our whole week to see these pictures!

    you are a perfect chocolate chip cookie!

    we cannot wait to add you to the sweater vest gallery this morning!

    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photos with us!

    melissa & emmitt

  5. Winston, you are the MOST delicious chocolate chip cookie i have ever seen :) So nice to meet you and you mum at the Seattle Pug Gala!
    Big hugs to you, your mum and your kitty sisters

    Melanie and Moe

  6. Winston, you are such a handsome chocolate chip cookie!!! You look very suave in your new sweater vest!! The momma is trying to figure which one to order for me. She says Miss Melissa needs to stop coming up with new color combinations because there are to many choices!!! They are all so darn cute!!!



  7. Winston, you are the CUTEST cookie there ever was!

    Tuni will just love these pictures!!!


    We just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    Anakin got a Melissa sweaters too in late April for his b-day and he loves his!!

    You look wonderfuls and we are sures Tuni will be feeling betters after she sees yous!!

    Yousa HOT STUFFS!!

    Izzy & Josie
    Anakin Man is Zzzzzzzz right nows

  9. Hellos Winston!

    Oh my goodness you look so tasty!!!! I would luvs to give you a little lick...err...kiss. I bets when we meets in pugson our Moms will laugh at our size difference, but luvs knows no size hehehe!


    PS I am getting betters with the um leaking thanks for your thoughts!

  10. Hi Winston,
    How exciting. We love packages. You look absolutly scrumptious and handsome in your new sweater.

  11. Hi Winston
    You are the cutest chocolate chip cookie that I ever did see.
    Those colors are so gorgeous on you.
    And I think you are soooo handsome.
    I am still sorry I did not get to meet you in Seattle.
    Thank you for sharing all these awsome pictures


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