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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fire Hydrant Club for Boys - Our first Discussion; flowers and birfdays

Hi Guys, Welcomes to the first meeting um ur I guess discussion for our clubs.

Hang ons..... What was that mum..... a birfday..... oh yeah right......

Befores we starts lets throw outs a birthday wish to someone special. Anakin's sweetie is 4 today. Happy Birfday to Sequoia (whatevers). She is the ones on the left. That is my luv's on the right.

Now today's topic will kinda tie into to her birfday.

What I wants to ask you guys out there is..... What type of flowers would you buy your pug luvs?

It could be for a special occasions like a birfday (are you paying attention Anakin?), anniversary, valentine's day. You gets the picture, right! Or it could be cuz yous is in the dog house (literally BOL) due to arguement, forgetting birthday (this is really bads, are yous still paying attention Anakin?). It could be for a 'just cuz I pug you" or as a house warming gifts (Tuni BOL).

So with that's to thinks about (pic of me, above, deep in thoughts over this) , this is what I would gets my luvs', Tuni. You probably all know she is moving soons to a new home (way closer to me!). My luvs is pictured here, below. Gosh isn't she sooooo darn cutes! Anywho, for a house warming bouquet I would pick these for her. 

Naturally I would choose pinks with a bit of some purple ones to make it vibrant.

Now I bets you boys are wondering why I would pick this type of flowers. Let me explains.
While at the garden centre with mum, I happen to spot this outta the corner of my puggy eye.

Read it closely! Are you all paying attention heres? See what they are called?

Yup..... PETUNIA! That is the name of my luvs! I especially liked the names of this types as one is called "supertunia" and the other is "sweet pleasure". What two perfectly great ways to describes my luvs!
Not only is she a "proven winner" but she has "royalty" in her too.

So on that notes.... I ask yous boys what you would pick to put in your bouquet to sends to your pug luvs.Um (Anakin, make sure you picks a flower and nots a Sequoia Sapling, remember she is moving she won't wants to deal with a tree until she is settled in.)

That wraps ups the first meeting of the Fire Hydrant Club for Boys.
Now backs to napping...... where was I?



  1. hi winston!
    oh what a great question!
    If I had a girlfriend I would give her poppies!
    they are my favorite flower!

  2. You are so very observant Winston!!! You picked some wonderful flowers and I think Tuni will LOVE them and that thought behind them!!!



  3. Well... I am not a member of the fire hydrant club... so I probably am not allowed to respond... BUT I am! heheh! Girls rule! Sunflower power!!

    Winston you are sooo sweet, always thinking of your Tuni!

    If any of my boyfriends come here to answer this question, my favorite flowers are peonies!!! ;)


  4. Hi Winston! You are so wise! Of course you would pick petunias for your love Tuni. And she would love them because they're from you.

    Let me think about what flowers I would pick for my Josie. Hmmmm. I think I would probably pick freesia for her because that's Mom's favorite flower. Happy yellow freesia because that's how my Josie rolls!

    Stubby xoxo

  5. We think petunias are perfect for your Tuni!!

    If either of us had a special girl we would probably go with tulips.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  6. Pssst

    Winston....hi its Tuni....

    I don't know ifs I should be reading your bloggy post todays, but I thinks those flowers are prettys. Anyways I can't waits to see you in pugson soon. I hopes you have a greats weekend. I won't really be postings but I will be readings and lookings for pictures of yous!

    Silent Hugs,

  7. Hello's 'deres Winstons!!!

    I's likes 'dis post lots!!

    O.K. If yous saws me flowers in me backpacks for Sequoias...
    I's picked its out special for me Sweetie Pies!!
    It's a Red Gerbera Daisy!! 'dese flowers stands for happiness and me's Sweetie Pies makes mes happies!! She's me Sunshines!! 'Deys alsos symbols of beautys and wonders!!!
    Sequoia is VERY BEAUTIFULS and amazings!!
    'Deys ares also very brights and cheerfuls!!!
    Just like me Sweetie Pies!!!

    Me's picks reds 'cuz its stands for passions and loves.

    Nows I's embarrassed!!! {blushing}

    Anakin Man

  8. Hi Winston!

    How exciting that you boys are starting your
    own club! That was so nice of you to give
    a birthday shout-out to Sequoia.
    I bet she is going to have a
    fun birthday.

    Daisy and I hope you are having a
    great week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  9. Anonymous16:33

    Hi Winston,

    I know your club is just for boys but I had to crash in and see what's going on. And to wish Sequoia a happy birthday!


  10. I think I would pick some good Irises. I like to water those on walks.


  11. Hello's agains!!!!

    We's wanted to wish yous alls a
    Happy Canada Days !!!

    xoxoxo, IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  12. I think it's a great idea to give somepuggy the very flower that they were named after! Especially someone as special to you as tuni! As for what color...I say...both! Bol. Hope you're having a great week! Love, arlo.


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