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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I's a sack o'potatoes!

Today Mum and Dad tooks me to a park called Colony Farm Regional Park. There is some historys there of someones farm from long times ago, but whatever that was way befores my time.
Anywho Mum went snap happys with the camera. Here are our pictures from the walkies.

At the start of the walk, I had to wait for Mum. She gots really hung up over this old fence, I waited patiently but really Mum.... a fence!

Here is the said Fence! Shesh!

Mum and Dad started in the wrong directions on the wrong trail so we had to turn arounds and locates the correct trail that circles the river. Next times I navigates!

We finally came upon the first bridge crossing.

Hurry ups Mum, there is another big bridge up top here!

I had to waits for her to take this.....
Somethings about the way the sky looked and the grass was blowing. WHATEVER! it is just grass Mum, you know the stuff goats and cows eats!

Here is the second bridge, the bigger one. Um Dad waits for me.... Mum has stopped to snappy snaps more silly plants!

They aren't Petunias so I really wasn't interested. Mum on the other hand thought they were wonderful and worth delaying the bridge crossing for a picture!

Finally I gots to cross the bridge

A view of the river from my view point

Okay we walked and walked and it was muggy and hots and Mum and Dad forgot to brings water!!!!!
What! Mum! how could yous! I am getting super hots and thirsty. What do yous mean a long walk wasn't quite planned. Hellos you were the one who started off in the wrong directions! Mum and Dad felt really terrible they forgot the waters. Mum finally got Dad to carrys me cuz I was hots and tired.

Mum says I's looks like a sack of tators!

 Dad says I's weigh like a sack of tators!

We gots back to the car and I insisted of stretching outs on the floor by Mums feets

Yup, I's super tired now. Time to naps.

Hey stop it with the flash flashy snap snappy thing already!
Dad keeps thinking he is seeing lightening in the sky and I am trying to naps!

Later my fellow puggers.



  1. Hi Winston! That's so cool that you got to go to the park. I can't believe all the walking and hiking you did. I'm so jealous because there's no way I do all that.

    How did you peeps forget to bring water? Hello! That's the most important thing to bring when hiking. Next time bring your own!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Winston
    I think our paths are crossing. I was just reading your story on your big walkie , hikey and I was enjoying smelling the flowers and looking at the creek at your level , and looking at the fence, and I was having a good time. Then I saw your daddy carrying you, and then you were sleeping,,,,, I loved it all.
    Every word I loved.
    And then I looked and you had come to visit me.
    How cool is that!
    I am glad you got all rested up and got your drinky of water.

  3. Hey Winston! Forgetting the water, huh? Nice trick as a way to get carried around, and you sure do make an adorable sack o' potatoes! Next time though, remind them to bring water -- it's real important for peeps and puggies to keep hydrated! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  4. What a great adventure! You did kinda look like a sack of taters! My Fuji would too if I carried her like that. She is quite the wiggleworm. Water is very important to us pugs and I'm sure they won't forget again!

  5. Hee Hee!! Mommy and Daddy always calls us Pugtatoes too!!! SNORTS!!

    Yous Daddy carried yous!! Too funnies!! Pretty Pictures!! Looks likes yous had funs!!

    Hey Winstons!! It's me's (Anakins) Our Women folk are ons 'da road!!! Sequoia was in Peroia, IL last nites last times me's Sweetie Pies dropped a loves notes!! Oh's me's lady!!
    Yous gets to see's yous little Tuni's!! Me's gonna see's me's Sweetie Too's. I's got 'da plans in 'da works!! Me bands!!

    Oh I tinks I hears Mommy...I's should be's in beds!!
    Nite Nites

    Anakin Man..... and Izzy and Josie too(from earliers)

  6. What a great walk and kudos to you for getting your dad to carry you :)

    Pugs & Kisses

    Yoda & Brutus

  7. Pugtatoes BOL! ITs so funny....

    Sequoia stop thats...Hi Winston its Tuni here now! I is in Montana...its um ok (trying to be nice but how many farmer fiels, cows and horses can a girl take in one day). I thinks you look so regal looking out on the river. I am getting super close almost the same time zone yeah!

    PS I get carried like 80% of the time so no shame in getting a lil extra helps!

  8. Anonymous16:21

    Ok, offense intended but we ROLLED on the floor laughing at you getting carried! That was so funny! But Momma had a dog about a zillion years ago and when he got tired of walking he just laid down and wouldn't she had to carry him! We're glad you got a good rest and some water afterwards though. What a workout. LOVE the bridges and that fence IS cool.

  9. Hi Winston!

    You look like you had a great time
    on your trip! Hehe we love the
    photo of you being carried.

    Daisy and I hope you are having a
    great week!

    -Dana & Daisy


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