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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tuesday Tuni Talk.... on.... Wednesday with Winston... Tuni with a bit of Pearl

As everyone I am sure knows by now..... Tuni and Sequoia are heading West (they may even be in Washingtons now).

I really missed Tuni's Tuesdays Talk, and I am sure many others followers did as well, that I have decided to fills in for her this week. It technically isn't Tuesday Talk since it is Wednesday but hey this technically isn't Tuni here..... so what the heck let's make it Tuesday Tuni Talk on Wednesday with Winston! BOL.

Last I heards my luvs was travelling thru Montana. She was so popular on her pass through thats they crowned her The Official Cowpug Girl of Montana and puts her on a postcards!!!!!!

Ah that is my girl there! Cutes eh!
(note: Sequoia did not make the cut for a post card due to the fact that she had "red eye" that kept interfering with the photo shoot. The state named her the Horsepug Girl on account of the fact that she sounded like a horse in the car)

Everyone should also skip on overs to Wilma's blog. Tuni is a member of the sunflower clubs and they did a special post for the two girls.

It starts off with this picture and then gets super funny, go and check it outs!

Looks at the weather reports for this week onwards (Mum took a pic of the report from the Weathereye app. on her blackberry). Mum has been bellyaching abouts how crappy the weather has been. Rain, cool and cloudys. Our Canada Day sucked on account of the "October like" weathers, only abouts 11C... hang ons...... for my American puggys that is..... 52F.

Looks at what Tuni is bringing with hers from the East! SUNSHINES!

We keeps reading how it is so hots for our bloggers in the East and we are likes "well we gots left behind in the sun catagory didn't we!!!"
Not no mores, thanks to Tuni!

Now... to end the Wednesday Talk with Winston for Tuni, let's us takes a look at some pictures of moi. Tuni did say she wouldn't be able to posts while on her travels but that she would looks out for pictures of me when she checked the blogs.

So here it goes..... These are for yous Tuni my pug luvs!
(pictures from the archives)

What.... what was that Mum.... no I am not boring everyone else with pictures and talk of me and Tuni....... I only posted 4....... What can I say, I am excited about Tuni moving. You know, mum, Anakin is just as excited about Sequoia ....... Ok Ok.... I am dones!

Shesh, Mommas!!

Happy Hump Day everypuggy

One more things (not about Tuni) Stop over at Pearl's blog.

Her momma had a scare yesterday when Pearly gots another pee pee problems. All is goods now, but we are sending prayers for speedy recovery for the pee pee problems.


  1. Hi Winston!
    Thanks for the shout out about my Sunflower Spotlight. I know you didn't have to do that, considering you being head honcho over at The Fire Hydrant Club and all. I love the post card with Tuni, she makes a great cowpug!
    Tell your Mom you didn't bore me at all with your pictures. I think you are a very handsome pug. (you know in a platonic way, no disrespect to Tuni.)

  2. Winston, it was so nice of you to fill in for Tuni!! What a great Tuesday Talk with Tuni on Wednesday with Winston!!!! We're so glad to hear Pearl is going to be ok!! We hope her pee pee problems are better soon!!

    ~Happy Hump Day~


  3. Anonymous12:00

    ha ha ha! We loved Tuesday Tuni Talk on Wednesday with Winston! As for the sunshine...we'll send you some too, just ask Tuni to stop on her way and pick some up. It's so hot here that Momma won't let us Outside except very early in the mornings.

  4. Oh, Winston, you are the cutest of the cute!!!

  5. What a great Tuni Talk on Tuesday by Winston on Wednesday! And for the shout out to Pearly to get better quickly!!

  6. Hi Winston! What a great post! I'm missing Tuni and Sequoia too but I just know they're having a great time on their road trip.

    I'm so glad the weather is going to get better for you. I would totally hate October weather in July and I think it would make Mom suicidal. She likes it hot and sunny!

    Stubby xoxo

  7. Oh what a beautifullest post.
    You are soo awsome to include a little of everyone in this Sunflower post.
    You are so awsome Winston to speak for everyone.
    I am sending magic bubbles to help all our sick friends.
    I know your mind is following Tuni and Sequoia as they travel- They must be following the Western star

  8. Hello's 'deres Winstons!!

    Great Posts yous did for our Lady's!! Tuni and Sequoia deserve 'da best!!

    I's had funs wit yous at 'da fireworks shows too's!!! Tuni ate all 'da poppy corns!! SNORTS!
    And Stubby and Josie fell asleep and IzZy gots tipsy... Hu Hu's!!

    We's send pawrayers to our sweet pearl!!
    Hey dude...
    We's need another Fire Hydrant meetings!!

    Anakin Man

  9. Anonymous10:57

    She certianly is bringing the heat wave!! :)

  10. Wednesday Winston is a fabulous idea!! You should make that a regular thing. We haven't gotten any heat in our neck of the woods. Maybe Tuni needs to come down here...BOL!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  11. Winston,
    Thank you sooo much for the nice wishes for me. I am feeling lots better already!!!!!!

  12. Winston!! Hi its Tuni here! Here in Burlington WA!!! We made it finallys. Mom and Dad are so tired of movings and unpackings and stuff. I just tooks a nap. I luvs the post you did for me. Thanks for fillings in I hopes next weeks I will be posting new pictures for you to see! Sequoia goes to the vets Monday and we will updates you on how it went. I am glads you liked the hot weather I bought with me but I wouldn't have brought it if I knew we didn't have AC! Oh my dog was it hot here at nights. Well back to napping with Dad!



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