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Friday, July 30, 2010


I am calling an emergency meeting for the Boys Club.

Ok gather round boys. We is busted big times.

The snooping and sneaking of this club camps out....

It was not a success. All the spy equipments, and camouflage did not keep us hidden. We gots caught BIG TIMES.

We were so near and yet so far.

{a new inspirational poster for our clubhouse wall}

Many of us were seen around the camps. The girls got winds of the various sightings {and I don't mean fart winds}. They chased our tails outta there real quick.

The concern now is them girls are plotting. What, we don't knows. Sluggo is trying to keep us informed and Anakin has warned us too.

I am looking into hiring these guys....

A world wide company called General Security.
They will be hired on contracts for the next few meetings until this whole thing blows overs.


Meeting adjourned for nows.
{I gotta get backs to the beach, mum is waiting}


your chairpug, Winston


  1. Winston still haven't put us on your Member list. Wesa so dissappointeds as we would love to be part of your squad.
    -George and Toby Moses Slimmer

  2. Oh Winston!!
    'Dis meeting was 'da most helpful!! I's just love our new security team too!! Great jobs wit 'dat!!
    'dose girls are tricksters and me sisters are on to me's!! I's got some secret documents and maps of 'da campsite yous might find helpful and INTERESTING!!

    Oh.. and Since 'dis in a meeting for BOYS onlys!!
    I's can kind of tell yous what me up to today in me post!! (just in case 'dis spy filters not working).. I's not tell all the details..
    Okay.. no one figured out 'da title!!
    'dere is a SECRET MESSAGE IN 'DA TITLE Winston!!
    read 'da title!! And tink back to our secret conversation we's had via pee-mails!! hu hu's!!

    Later FHF!! (Fire Hydrant Fellows)
    Anakin Man

  3. Hey WInston,

    We totally want to help protect the Fire Hydrant Club from the girls. Can we become members?

    Oakley and Swisher

  4. Thanks for adding us to the clubs.
    Your FHFs (Fire Hydrant Fellows),
    George and Toby

  5. OK Winston, this here is Sluggo. I am going to work on gettin' the girls all soft and get them to lower their guards on vacation. Who knows, if I am lucky I can grab Moms camera and catch them in compromising positions. Yup, that is what I'll do. Then we can blackmail them or sumpthin'. I will keep you posted. I hope to be able to at least read the meeting notes while we are away.

  6. I would like to apply for the security job.
    Please let me know

  7. Winston, you crack me up! That security team does, indeed, look effective :]

  8. Hi Winston! I can't believe those silly Sunflower Sisters caught us! Those girls think they are so smart but we know better. They may have caught us this time but we will not be caught once our security team is in place!

    Stubby xoxo


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