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Monday, August 02, 2010

BIrthdays, Pug meet up, history lesson. I's so tired tonight.

Hello everypuggy
{you may wanna grabs some poppycorns..... it is kinda longs today}

First of alls a shout outs for some Birfdays.

 August 1st was Emmitt's 14th birthday. Can you believe its!! If you haven't stopped by his blog you must do so after reading my post. He is having one heck of a party celebration.

The other Birthday on August 1st is Bridget. Stop by her blog and wish her a happy birthday too.


Today was pug meet up! Yeahs I luvs pug meet ups. Here are the pictures that Mum tooks.

This is Peanut

My friend Babette

This is Gracie

This is Babette's little brother, Hamlet

Babette's boyfriend, Nero

Me and Hamlet with Hamlet's momma

Nero, Babette and Peanut in the back

Henri and Hamlet

Hamlet tells me a secret while Peanut tries to listen


Minkee and her boyfriend, Henri

Me taking it all in with Yoda behind me

Henri finds a half destroyed tennis ball

There were lots more pugs there but Mum had a hard time getting thems to stand stills for pictures (lots of pug scuttles happening by excited pugs).


So afterwards I came homes and Dad, Mum and me piled backs into the car and headed 45 minutes east to Langely to a park called Derby Reach Regional Park. This park is situated along the shore of the "mighty" Fraser River.

We luvs to explore and this was our first times there. Mum and me wanted to checks out the off leash area. It is huge with lots of grass area and all fenced in. There is even a small beach area for us dogs. I was very satisfied with it and Mum was satisfied that I was satisfied. Mum did not get pictures of the off leash area cause there wasn't much in the way of scenery. Buts..... we did stop further downs at the site of the original Hudson Bay Fort called Fort Langley. It was here Mum gave me my first history lesson.

The plaque that indicates the original Fort Langley site

The fort was originally situated heres. The fort was the original settlement site of the first white peoples in the lower mainland of Vancouver area. It was owned by the Hudson Bay Company and was mainly used for trading. There is no fort left here though. There is now a replica of the fort built not far from heres. It is a tourist attraction and educational site.

Mum tooks a picture of this, it kinda explains things a bit. You probably have to bigify its though to be able to reads it.

Now onto the pictures of me at the edge of the Fraser River.

{oh Mum not a shot of my big pug butt!!!
Tuni.... close yous eyes!}

Me going down the steps to the river

Pretty eh?

Me strolling the beach

Um only problem is that the area is very muddy with clay

Hee Hee, looks at my paw prints in the clay mud!

The Fraser River used to be the site of many Lumber Mills situated along the river's edge. You can still see log boons in the water but there are not nearly as many mills as there were at the beginning of the 1900's

Then we walked back to the historical farm land site.

Mum tooks some pictures of me in fronts of the old buildings.
Me posing in fronts of the old Houston barn. The Houston family was the first family to farm in the area.

The Houston Milk House (me in the doorway)

The Houston House

All this posing gots me thirsty so Mum helped me gets a drink

Wow this is sure a goods view from heres

Mum reads this plaque to me. It is a bit of infos abouts the farm and land
You mights need to bigify to see it betters

Afterward we walked around a bit mores through the trails

Me and Dad

some scenery

Me and Mum

Big trees!

At the end of the exploring is when I saws this!
Um Mum let's not sticks around much longers, ok!

Before we left we did stop at the off leash dog beach
Mum thoughts this tree was cool looking. I thoughts it was cool for peeing on! BOL

I listen while Mum talks. Here we are discussing the Fraser River and how longs it is.

I checked out the beach, it was not bads

Mum and me just before we left to come homes.

I's super duper tired today. I had lots of activity yesterday.
Well I thinks I will hit the hay nows.

Winston xo


  1. this all looks like so much fun! especially the pug meet-up. wish JD, Ringo, and I could have been there :]

  2. Oursa favorite picture of yous was when you were listening to your mama. It's very important to listen to mamas as they usually have wise things to say...can't say the same for the ol' grumpy man at our house...hehehe. Yousa had a fun adventure...maybe you and Tuni can hang out there when you both gets togethers.
    Licks you Laters,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  3. What a wonderful pug meetup :) Your friends look like fun! What a grand adventure you had afterwards. Mom loves everything historical - the city she grew up in was named after the fort that was built there and has a replica too.

    Love all of the pictures, but the one of you and your mum is the best :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  4. what an adventure! I wouldn't bew able to walks all that way I would need my wagon for sure. You are such an athletic pugger. I like all you firends in your meet up group...Minkee is super soft looking! SO after all that muds on your paws do you get them cleans? Mom is always cleaning my paws here, I keep stepping in pitch (um Sap from the trees). I smell like Christmas!!!

    Rest up Winston many hugs,

  5. Anonymous13:07

    Those are some really cool photos, and such an adventure!

  6. Hi Winston,
    It's Brigitte. Thanks so much for the birthday shout out. I know you didn't have to, with me being a sunflower sister and all. We are having a great vacation and Mom is letting us check in on our friends when we can.seeing your greeting made me smile.It looks like you had a great time at your meet up. Thank you for the history lesson, I Don't know a lot about Canada, and with a name like Brigitte, I should. Have a great day!

  7. Oh! I'm so happy I found your blog. What a great post! Those pictures are great. And I love learning the history of places that I've never been. I'll go say Happy Birthday to your friends now.

  8. Dear Winston
    Thank you for the History lesson.
    I was thinking how important it is for us to understand how life was so different for those people who lived during those times. I know that you saw it right before your eyes.
    I loved each and every photo you shared of all the puggys and YOU!
    thank you Winston for taking us on your journey

  9. dear Winston
    I left you a comment, but it did not save. ,,, so i am back again. i wanted to thank you for this awsome history lesson and all the photos.
    History lessons are important- so we can understand the world better. thank you for helping us

  10. Oh WoW Winston!! How BeauTEEfulls the pho-toes are and loves the story behinds 'dems!!

    Yous looks super cutes sitting on 'dat water fountains too!!

    We's felt likes we's on 'dat walks wits yous!! Great narrations Winston!!

    We's also enjoyed 'da puggie meet up pho-toes too!!

    Big hugs!!
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man (pee-s...great job buddy on yous gift to yous lady)

  11. What a treasure trove of sexy pug pics! Love the obe with the Houston house. Looks like a proper pug house! (Assuming there's an artesian fountain and fainting divan inside?) well done you!!


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