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Monday, August 16, 2010

Whale Watching..... WITHOUT ME!!!!

Hello everypuggy,
Today I am letting Mum post pictures of her 4 day excursion to the North Tip of Vancouver Island, a place called Port McNeill near Telegraph Cove.
Here is a maps so you can sees where she wents..... (How could she.... without me PFT, opps sorry Mum that just slipped outs)
She tooks the Greyhound and they don't let Pugs on board!
(Ok yah whatever Mum...... )
She tooks the bus to the ferry terminal then the ferry over to Vancouver Island.
Here are pictures from the ferry ride
This is downtown Vancouver way off in the distance..... you may need to bigify to see its better.
And Mum said that foot passengers aka - "Walk-ons" have a special deck area if they have their dog with them.
Dogs aren't allowed up on the main decks but look heres..... there is a special area for dogs and there is water, benches and poop bags plus windows!
Hmmmm nice picture Mum, but I think that there is somethings missing......
(I only have on things to say..... you would thinks that if that bus is called "Greyhound" that dogs would be allowed on board!)
Ok Ok...... shesh Mum.... on to the pictures.
So after getting to Port McNeill Mum went to Alert Bay for a day trips. You have to takes a small ferry to Alert Bay as it is on an Island. The ferry ride is only 40 minutes.
This is the first picture after getting off the ferry. Alert Bay is homes to a community of First Nations peoples.
Mum liked the artworks of this community
This is the main street. It is very smalls with a couple of stores and a museum and fishing warf.
There are lots of hiking trails and an ecological park.
This is the museum
Totem Pole in front of Museum
Can you see the bee? You might needs to bigify. These flowers are in-dee-gee-us to the area. Mum says it means it grows naturally in the area and is native to our province. First Nations peoples use this plant for medicinal purposes.
Here is the anglican church that is over 100 years old. The towns up there were founded on logging. There is also fishing but "white man" came up to log and that is how the towns were established.
Mum luved the windows in the church
This is the harbour front where the ferry comes into. There used to be salmon canning factory here but it closed down long times ago. Fish in the area has dropped in abundance and there are strict fishing regulations to prevent the fish from disappearing.
Fish are super important as you will see in this next picture......
KILLER WHALES!!! This was the highlight of the trips.
Mum gots onto this
And went outs into the Blackfish Sound to see Killer Whales. It was a 4 hour boat ride and it started off foggy but turned super sunny as the day progressed. Here are pictures from the day.
These ones are just scenic pics. While you takes a minute to looks at them I will hum a songs. You may want to bigify to see better.
hmmmm la la la dee da
Lalala dee daaa hmmmm hmmmm
hmmm hmmm do do dada lala
Ok pretty cool huh? But here comes the best parts..... Whales
Now there are some pretty strict regulations that boaters have to follow when boating near whales. And people are regulated very closely. Yous get into big troubles if yous don't follow the rules!
Anyway, Mum's captain followed all rules and no one gots into trouble.
Here is the first fin shot!
See the fin.... well right behind it is the baby whale. How cutes is that!
Ok this one was super cool. The whale gots super curious and came rights up to the boat. This is allowed because the whale came to you, but you have to turn off the boat engine and not bother the whale in any way.
See it is looking at Mum! Then it swam aways to join the rest of the pod.
The boat also had a mic on board. The captain dropped the mic into the water at certain times so Mum could here the whale talk under the water. She says it is like barking that us pugs do only it is whale language.
If you like whales and want to helps them, you can adopt a killer whale through the killer whale program. Mum saids that we are going to looks at the whales and pick one to adopt. I will post about our whale once we have picked one.
Mum did bring me back a cool starfish squeaky toy! Okay, now I forgive Mum for leaving me at homes. She said next time we will drives up there in the car...... then I can go toos!
Later everyone..


  1. We can't believe your mum didn't sneak you along Winston! Next time just hide in her luggage - make sure you take plenty of snacks too!

    Those whales are really cool. Looks like your mum had a cool time on her trip (even if it was sans pug).

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  2. Winston wow that was amazings! I espeically luvs the whale momma and baby whale so sweet. I noticed on the maps you had my lil 'ol name...hee hee! Next times your Mom could smuggles you onto the bus!!!

    Hugs and hugs,

  3. WOW, the most beautiful pictures. And Winston, don't be too jealous.. Momma went whale watching last year and she got really sea sick. Doesn't sound like fun to us.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  4. Winston, those pictures are SOOO cool! We don't have anything like that at all in Oklahoma. I am so jealous!! Tell your momma thanks for sharing the pics with us.

    Although... I agree with you! Pugs should be allowed on greyhounds! How rude!!!!

  5. oh my gosh winston!
    your mom went on an amazing adventure and got wonderful photos!

    thank yo so much for sharing them with us!

    m & e


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