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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I am a jumble of nerves and the walk didn't helps

Hello everypuggy, Winston heres.

If you have checked out Sequoia and Tuni's blog, you probably knows that this Sunday is the big day for us.

If you don't know whats I am talkings about zip on overs to their blog and check it outs.
I am such a bundle of nerves this weeks and all I can think abouts is Tuni. Kizzy says it is becoming too much!!

 I am attending this on Sunday

I can't waits for it. I am super NERVOUS and excited all at the same times.
I guess that I was kinda driving everyone nuts with my going on and on abouts meeting Tuni in pugson that Mum said "oh Winston don't worry it will be like a walk in the park, it will be stress free"

Hmmm I thoughts about this and decided to takes a walk in the park to see how it compares. I went off to Deer Lake a nice park just minutes from my house (I have been going to this park since I was a puppy). Here are pictures from my de-stressing walk.

So here is the view from the start of the trail at the top of the hill. Hmmm, I kind of felt relaxed.... I guess.

Ah looks at the pretty flowers. I would luv to give them to Tuni in a bouquet. Uh Oh thought about Tuni again. My mind is wandering backs to this Sunday.

Yup a nice open meadow to help clear the mind and de-stress

Oh look, bull rushes, oh wow they looks like a straight pug tail, same colour as a pug........ Tuni has a tail like thats. Ummm stress level went ups as I thoughts about Tuni and her tail. Mind wandered back to Sunday again.

A nice walk on the path helps ease the mind of stress and worry

Panoramic shoot, nice and soothing. Hmmmm I thinks Tuni would luv it heres. Uh Oh, I thoughts about Tuni and then I thoughts abouts meeting her for the first times in pugson. Stress and worry level up again.

Ah the sunset. OMD Tuni would probably luv to sit here and watch the sun set with me. Ummm this doesn't seem to be workings I keep stressing and worrying about Sunday. I have to makes a good impression!!! I have to make sure I looks good!!!!

Ok let's try some cardio exercise up the hill it should helps clear the worry thoughts aways.

Um Mum, I hates to say this but your advice did not helps me to clear my mind and relax!!!!! Meeting Tuni is kind of like a walk in the park.... both events make me thinks of her and I am stressed and worried agains. I have so much to prepare for Sunday and I want to be at my best! I hopes she likes me in pugson!

On Saturday I will post all abouts my preparation for the big events! In the meantime I will try not to worry too much and let my nerves gets the best of me. Maybe I will try a walk at the beach..... hmmm it might helps.



  1. Hi Winston! I'm super excited that you and Tuni are finally going to meet. I'm sure she'll love you so quit stressing out. It's bad for your complexion!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Winston, you are so likable that I KNOW Tuni will love you.
    Love Noodles

  3. Anonymous09:59

    Oh how EXCITING!! We can totally understand you being nervous but we're sure it will all go well. AND we're looking forward to romantic photos of the big meeting!!

  4. Winston....oh I hope your lil mind settles down. Mom told me here that we will be so cute together. I am all ready and cant waits for the big day!!


  5. Winston, Tuni will love you no matter what! DOn't stress buddy!!

  6. Oh boy Winston,
    Breathe..... Everything is going to be OK. You are finally going to meet your beloved Tuni.

  7. Winston
    I understand you being nervous.... but I really do believe that Tuni is going to love your gentle soul.
    So take a deep breathe and it will all be okay.

  8. Poor Winston! You are just lovesick!

    Everything is going to go PERFECTLY, so don't worry ok?! She will LOVE you!


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