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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A "Green Stubby" Report with Winston

Hello everypuggy,

Welcome to my first Go Green post. I have named these posts "Green Stubby" after our friend, Stubby, who inspired me to posts about how I participate in keeping our planet green.

 Today's report focuses on a product line that Mum found at Walmart.

One day Mum went shopping at the new Super Centre Walmart. She needed to gets some household products. In the household aisle she discovered the "Great Value Green Line".
Naturally Mum was all over it. She read the labels carefully and decided that this was a line of products we needed to trys.

Here I am pictured with the first two items.
The one on the left is the dishwasher tablets. Hmmm this one has no smell at alls. Mum likes that. There are no harsh chemicals or phospates.

This next photo I am focusing ons the Hand Washing Dish Liquid.
Mum luvs this product. Again, there are no harsh chemicals and Mum really likes the soft Lavender Vanilla scent. Not too strongs. Hmmmm Mum is rights, smells nice!

Here are close ups of the packagings

The next item to discuss is the kitchen garbage bags.

These bags are bio-dee-grade-a-bull! shesh whatever that words means...... Oh right, Mum just said it means they break downs in the garbage dump. Again this is the Walmart Great Value Green Line product.

Here is a close ups.
(unfortunately this picture is a bit blurrys. I gots excited and bumped into Mum while she tooks the picture.)

And the last product is the laundry product line.

It is a nice lavender Scent and not too strongs of a scent either. There is a detergent and softener. It is super concentrated so you only needs to use a tiny amounts. I likes this product it makes my blankets smell very nice and feel super softs without harsh chemicals.

mmmm nice scents!

Here are close ups of the bottles.

We tested these products and are very happys with them. Not only are they good for our environment but the price is reasonable and the product works.

These are available at Walmart Canada. We don't knows if this line is available in America. (Maybe someone can let us know if they have seen them down there.)

That concludes this post of the Green Stubby Report by Winston.



  1. Hello's 'deres FHF!! (Fire Hydrant Fellow)

    'da Pawrents keeps 'dere carbon foot prints down wits being a one car family and having a modest house for just 'da two hoomans and three's of us's!!... Daddy works at car drlship too and was offered demo, butt we's don't need extra car, cuz we live so close in town too everything.. So's we's do ours parts..

    Butt Mommy has been known to drinks occasional bottle of waters when offered if she's really thirsy.. Does 'dat makes her so bad??
    ME EARS!!!
    Thanks Winstons!!!

    Oh's Wilma's backs......
    must keep spy protection ups!!

    All'dis talk 'bout green stuff making me tinks of Daddy's comic books Green Lantern!! Hu Hu's!!

    Anakin Man

  2. Anonymous03:29

    Winston, We give you and your Mom FOUR paws up for being green! We use Seventh Generation products here at our house. Momma says she hasn't seen those products at our local Walmart. . . but she's going to check on-line and see if she can get some delivered to the local store! This area of the country is rather backward when it comes to eco friendly products....and public transport....and recycling....and......

  3. Yay for going green! It's nice to see that even puggies are doing their part :D

    We do our part by using biodegradable poop bags.

    All of the little things count!

    -Jess, JD, and Ringo

  4. Hi Winston! OMD! This is so great. What an honor! I can't even begin to tell you how this made my whole day. You're such a good friend to me and to the planet.

    I did some investigating into The GreenLine and it's only at Walmart Canada. It's made by the people that brought us Oxi Brite and it's certified by Environmental Choice's EcoLogo program which gets a big thumbs up. I couldn't find the products on the Walmart Canada website, which I thought was weird, so I don't know the ingredients in the products but I trust that your mom did her homework in selecting only the greenest products available. I think it's weird that they don't sell these products in the states but there must be a reason they don't. I couldn't find the answer anywhere and will continue to look.

    I look forward to these monthly posts so I can learn all about how you are going greening. Two paws up!

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Hi Winston,
    (I see you Anakin, you better have your filter tuned up.)
    Winston, Stubby willbe very proud of you for your great product review.
    We don't know ifout Walmart has those items, but we will have a look.
    We never used to go to Walmart due to some of their practices and how they treated their employees. But they have been making chages so we are giving them another chance.

    If you have never seen it, you must visit
    It is a hystericalwebsite that posts pictures of people dressed in all kinds of ways caught on tape at their local Walmart stores. Just be sure to check your Mommas outfit before she shops there for sure. You never know whos lurking around the corner with a camera phone.

  6. Hellos Winstons! Oh I gots the meesage you lefts bouts the pug meet up! I will be looing forwards to meeting yous in pugosn and your friends. I tolds Mom we need to make sures I looks good that day and picks out a good outfits for yous. Mom is workings on a thanks yous card for your Mom she is just keeps yours nose out for its!

    Ok I luvs your little green are a great sniff checker huhs! I bet Stubby luvs you are doing this toos.


  7. Hi Winston. Yay Earth! My mommy #2 helps with a very earth-friendly business (it is listed on my blog). For years she has carried a non-disposable water bottle. Recently she bought some bio-degradable poop bags for use on my many walks in Tahoe. Your blog is important because it shows just how easy it is to be a more responsible citizen. BTW, is the packaging also recycled or recyclable?
    Love Noodles

  8. Going to look for this at our Wally World. Love this post, I think you have come up with a great idea about being green! Good job little buddy!!

  9. Hi Winston!

    We loved your first Green Stubby Report!
    Winston is such a natural product reviewer.

    Daisy and I hope you are having a great week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  10. hi winston!

    oh we love your green stubby report!

    you are an excellent reviewer and we LOVE your smile!

    have super sunday my friend!

    m & e

  11. Winston
    I am soooo surprised and proud of you!
    I knew you would be involved in the Green World.
    What a wonderful thing to follow in the steps of Stubby and Help Save our Earth
    You ROCK Winston!!



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